Notes on Mon May 4 Blackboard Session: Intro to Binomial Experiments

Here’s an outline of what we discussed during Monday’s Blackboard Collaborate class session

0 – 30min: introduced binomial experiments (see videos below)

30 – 40m: discussed the upcoming homework schedule:

        • HW7-ConditionalProbability: due Wed night (see OpenLab post re HW7-Exercise 8)
        • HW9-RandomVariables (due next Monday): get started with #2, 3, 5, 6; we will discuss #1 & #4

45m – 1h10: Bayes’ Theorem (see OpenLab post), Bayesian interpretation; statistics/probability texts using python (see textbooks page)

1h10m – 1h45m: examples of binomial experiments/random variables (see class outline)