in the article title “the medium is the message ” was talking about our long custom of splitting and dividing all things as a means of control, it is sometimes a bit of shock to be remined that in operational and practical fact is “the medium is the meassge”.


for example the electric light may prove illuminating in this connection. the electric light is pure information it is a medium with out a message as it were unless it is use to spell out some verbal ad or name. this fact characteristic of all media means that the” content ” of any is always an other medium.



the facts merely underlines the point that the medium is the meassge that shapes and controls the scale and forms of human association and actions. the content or used of the media as diverse as they are ineffectual in shaping the form of human association. in deed it is only  too typical that the content of any medium blinds us to the character of the medium.

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   Media extends human beings by having their own structures and systems of grammar, and that they can be studied. Marshall believed that media has an effect in shaping and re-shaping the ways that people, societies, and cultures recognize and understand the world. The restructuring of human work and association was shaped by the technique of fragmentation that is the essence of machine technology. However, Automation technology is essential and centralized in depth.  The machine was fragmentary, centralist, and superficial in its patterning of human relationships. 

      The role that artists and designers play in creating new ideas is a creative director, graphic designers, music artists, fashion designers, actors, and movie producers. However, Art and design both require immense creativity, an acute sense of aesthetics and style, emotional intelligence, and the ability to tell a story through visual media. Art is intentionally emotional. Whether it is a drawing pencil, or a pen or smudge of charcoal, or splash of paint was meant to obtain a different reaction from the viewer, pushing and pulling on the viewer’s emotions.  

   The electric light may be proven to throw this connection. Also, it has information that is restricted. As marshall saying “ It is a medium without a message” means that if it does not have a message behind it, it is pointless to create any artwork whether it’s fine arts, graphic arts, video art and other types of arts.  People would create or work on projects without a meaning, which i find very useless because an artwork is supposed to have a purpose.

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According to Heller, the mainstream  and underground. During the 60s’ psychedelic movement the concept of Underground was a culture that started to grows fast in youth market. Major corporations were giving contrasts and them and wanted to them to have important market share with them. In return, they would advertise and packaged their bands using the codes to promote and growth. Psychedelic design was their code that means is sex and drugs and it was rejected by the society. Those all actions were threatening to the mainstream-is the visual artists, musicians, and designers developed means of expression that helped define the culture’s distinct characteristics. 

As for the Contemporary design, a mainstream is what’s new trend  and whats society thinks and it includes all popular culture and media culture, typically disseminated by mass media. Heller said in his article that “Indeed the mainstream embraces almost anything “edgy,” although once the label is applied it is no longer on the edge”. This quote that the trend takes up almost anything like avant-garde that Marie Victoire Winckler does by combining the oriental and occidental style to create the design.

Mainstream will shape it where Calkins said, inventing something entirely new when the most experimental artists and designers of the age were already testing the tolerance of new ideas on their own dime. He order commercial artists to appropriate and smooth out the edges of Contemporary art, add an ornament here and there to make it pleasant for the consumer class and instant attraction.

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Steven Heller, from 2008, entitled The Underground MainstreamHeller_UndergroundMainstream2008