March 24

SKIMS (shapewear) 2019 
The first name for Kim Skardashian West’s shape wear collection was KIMONO, after she tried to trademark word “Kimono” she was criticized by the internet and official letter from the mayor go Kyoto she decided to change it to SKIMS. 
SKIMS was a big success, and I think big part of it is that the campaign was targeting diverse group of people – inclusive sizing and diverse shades of the product.

Vogue U.S.  Cover (August 2019)
Ariana Grande was accused of blackface.
I think she is tanning her skin to appeal to more diverse group of people.
Also, since editors of the Vogue magazine approved the image I think they are on the same page with Ariana Grande. 

Naomi Campbell Photography by Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine US – December 1992
Even though this  is not recent, after talking with some of my friends I realized that a lot of people even in 2020 don’t understand how wrong this photoshoot is.

Naomi Campbell photographed as a painting of a French artist Paul Gauguin.
Primitivism for Gauguin was way to escape “civilized” people (Europeans like him) and go back to primitive way of leaving. He didn’t respect Tahitian people or their culture. He thought of them as primitive people.
So when a Fashion magazine use a black model to recreate this painting, I think it is wrong. 

February 25

I was kinda confused why the article about typography is related to art.
Then I realized that they didn’t distinguish themselves yet from an artist. They tried to create art that would communicate with everyone. “…analysis of the creative process” . “Only an apparent unity can be achieved if many helpers carry out the designs of a single person”.  Even emotions in an artwork should be logically selected.
The logical approach to typography made  huge impact. Approach that typography is not self expression made reading experience better.
Also very important the study of combining a photo with type for the best way to communicate with viewer.

February 18

The artists were very exited about the Technological progress.
Futurism was very passionate about changes (very dramatic reading). They believed that the art of the past has to be destroyed. Ultimate desire for changes and something new. Absolutely no sense of nostalgia, which is hard to imagine today.  A lot of graphic design trends these days are inspired by works from the past.
Lizitsly doesn’t embrace artists of the past, when talking about history of art. He was talking that when the idea exhausted itself, the new Wave of Art starts.
And Constructivism was all about WE. Design was created without the idea of individuality.  

 I feel like politics shaped graphic design like nothing else.