Tabarka Tamkin- April 28

According to Heller, the mainstream  and underground. During the 60s’ psychedelic movement the concept of Underground was a culture that started to grows fast in youth market. Major corporations were giving contrasts and them and wanted to them to have important market share with them. In return, they would advertise and packaged their bands using the codes to promote and growth. Psychedelic design was their code that means is sex and drugs and it was rejected by the society. Those all actions were threatening to the mainstream-is the visual artists, musicians, and designers developed means of expression that helped define the culture’s distinct characteristics. 

As for the Contemporary design, a mainstream is what’s new trend  and whats society thinks and it includes all popular culture and media culture, typically disseminated by mass media. Heller said in his article that “Indeed the mainstream embraces almost anything “edgy,” although once the label is applied it is no longer on the edge”. This quote that the trend takes up almost anything like avant-garde that Marie Victoire Winckler does by combining the oriental and occidental style to create the design.

Mainstream will shape it where Calkins said, inventing something entirely new when the most experimental artists and designers of the age were already testing the tolerance of new ideas on their own dime. He order commercial artists to appropriate and smooth out the edges of Contemporary art, add an ornament here and there to make it pleasant for the consumer class and instant attraction.

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Steven Heller, from 2008, entitled The Underground MainstreamHeller_UndergroundMainstream2008

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