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HW — Draft, Classic Editor

This photo is important because during that time in India there’s was a lot of corruption. Gandhi used his spinning wheel to bring peace into the country and independence. After Gandhi death, the photo was published and it became an indelible image according to This photograph of Gandhi and the spinning wheel shows a composition between the 2 subjects. The spinning appeared bigger than Gandhi but in reality Gandhi is bigger. Also filling the frame is shown in the photo and a close up shot and a far away shot.

Time 100 Photos: Gorilla in the Congo

This photo was taken in 2007 in the Congo. It is of a 500 pound sliverback mountain gorilla on a improvised stretcher. The reason why I chose this photo is because my eye is immediately down to the gorilla due to its massive scale, contrast, and distinct color. It also shows the compassion and care the people had for the gorilla and it incites emotional to the viewer. It also has a similar feel to the famous Steve McCurry photograph of the Indian man being held up covered in green powder as the men holding him up are covered in red powder.

Time 100: Photos Tank Man

jeff widener tank man

This photograph by Jeff Widener called the Tank Man inspired many to stand up for something bigger than themselves. The photograph in itself shows diagonals and leading lines using the pavement and tanks. Widener shot this photo on a sixth-floor balcony of the Beijing Hotel on the assignment to capture the attacking of pro-democracy demonstrators camped on the plaza. I am constantly drawn to photojournalism and street photography because of the fact that it captures iconic moments that ripples through history.

First Cell-Phone Picture

This photograph that I picked is called the First Cell-phone Picture by Philippe Khan in 1997 and I really like this photo because of how interesting it is to see how time has changed since the 90s, especially because now we have such advanced technology that each smartphone having a camera on it is just normal. I think Its really cool how this photo can tell a story and how much technology has changed since then. This photo was birthed by Khan connecting his flip phone to his camera and then wrote some code on his laptop and messing around and being interested in images and technologies that could share images in real-time. This photographers interest in images really altered the world today and how we use our cellphone cameras on a day to day basis as well as being able to share out photos and send it to as many people as we want.

Homework 1

Pillars of Creation

  • NASA
  • 1995

This photo was taken by Nasa and its very interesting because it was capture in orbit with an 8-foot mirror distorted as a result of a manufacturing flaw. which the photo was a fail. Later on, there was a mission to fixed the orbit mirror and they fixed it and it captured an amazing photo. This photo stuck out to me because of how it was taken out of space and i didn’t know they had something like that.The wonderful color scheme and focus point are the cloud shapes and color that draw out the photo. This photo can fit into framing and maybe a bit of rules of third.

Piss Christ, Decency-Standard laws

“Piss Christ”

By Andres Serrano


This is a picture taken by Andres Serrano in the year 1987. The picture itself is of a cross submerged in Serranos’ own urine in which his original intention was not to cause offense to anyone of christian/catholic faith. The color is not just what caught my attention due to the immensely dark yellow of the fluid but of the contrast and how light hits christ directly in a dramatic fashion. The subject of the image fills the frame and has nothing else to distract the viewers attention from it. Interestingly enough this photo caused some controversy as it angered a priest and and many others and was the reason for the decency-standard laws that were upheld by the supreme court in 1998.

Starving Child and Vulture

The photo that caught my attention is Starving Child and Vulture by Kevin Carter, 1993. It’s the most well known picture and of course, I’ve seen this picture before. I remember that the photographer was heavily criticized for not helping the kid in the photo, which led him to suffer from depression and commit suicide. After learning the terms of composition rules, I’ve noticed that it follows the rule of thirds. The child is placed where the lines meet and another subject is placed on the left-top lines of the frame. I imagined, what if the photo was taken with the child in the center of the frame. It wouldn’t be as powerful. I can feel the tension, hardship, and strong emotions in this photo.


Sophia Kim



100Photos-Moonlight: The Pond

The photo I chose is Moonlight: The Pond, taken by Edward Steichen. I chose this photo because I love nature its very relaxing to me and its a nice place to adventure around and get great shots. Also this specific photo is meant to play tricks because is it a photo or a painting? answer is, its both. I like this photo because it has you guessing, the focus point to me is the reflection in the pond. Also he executed very well blending both the photo & painting.