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Learning Log #12 – PSA

What i decided to do is make a PSA with bunny. I have my model holding the the bunny with care and saying that they are animals and they are not meant to be used as experiments and there are humans too. The only struggle i had was coming up with a topic to use for my class and now i came out with one and i think i did a pretty good job with it.

Learning Log #9 Lighting Painting


Today’s lesson was very fun and amazing . I enjoy doing this very much and would consider doing this again. The only problem is just have to shine the light at your model so the camera can be focused. But overall today was fun-full and enjoyable. The result of the pictures is to capture something so simple but also looking amazing. We would know what we are doing until the camera takes the picture and the results looks interesting.

Learning Log #5 Action/Motion Portraits


these photos were interesting and i enjoyed doing it. Our team just have to plan out the right time to take the photo(s).  The first one is a picture of me running over the seated bench , which took two try to do but it came out wonderful, which it wasn’t easy to do. The second photo was taken on the swing for the little kids, the idea was to make all the swing move the at the same time to capture a blur effect.

Learning Log #4 Flash/Ambient


These photo was interesting to take. These photo was taking but depending on where the light is going to be but also making it look a little darker as well. But mostly all the time we have to check if the light if its in the right spot or not and also how the photo looks on the camera so we can change. Using the flash to create more light definitely makes a huge difference on the photo.

Learning Log #3 Street Photography



The are my best 5 Street Photography photos. It was very interesting to take photos of someone with out them knowing that you are, unless they say something to you. I had to go through a-lot to take these Photos because it was either my photos coming out to bright or coming out to dark or they start to walk away. So the issue has been fixed and more better photos was taken this action.


This photo was taken Ketevan, this picture caught my attention due to the pinkish with some gray tone sky. I don’t know it the sky was really like this but it’s fantastic to see something like that in person. And that that capture it at a right time of day. This is the first time I ever went there and I didn’t know about it, but it ws very interesting to see different types of photos, not including flim or entertainment but it different emotions through photo and maybe a story as well. But my over experiences it was fun and I enjoy it.