Week 9 – It has it’s Ups and Downs

Thursday – October 19, 2017

I’ll tell you what; the MTA really fucks with everybody these days. Trains are always not on schedule. Too much construction on daytime and rush hours, leading to people losing jobs and such. I was late todayI told WPC I was going to come in at 1pm and I was 30 minutes late. With the stress already piling up inside me from work and college, unpaid internships also take a toll on your body and soul. Yes, one time while I was laying down in the couch I saw my soul trying to slip off my body. Had to catch that mofo and glued it back inside me. Today was a slow day at WPC. My task was to fiddle around the photos of a woman who recently passed and was part of WPC. We were going to make an obituary of her and her part of WPC. I had to crop, desaturate the colors, and arranged them to fit in some pages of WPC’s seasonal magazine Collective Endeavor.


Wednesday – October 25, 2017

Today, Sydney was back and he woke up the Dinosaurs again. Thats right, the old school printing machines from the 1950’s was running and we were printing WPC notepads to give out to members and supporters. The rest of the interns, and myself, were lectured by Sydney about the process and troubleshooting of these old school machines. The machine was stuck at one point because the chain that lifted the paper tray up to the suction cups got jammed with the gear and rolled twice around it. Sydney is  a professional Press Man who studied in the most prestigious college for printing and he knew what to do to fix it. He got down and dirty. And he showed us the gluing process and used a rubbery glue.
Also that day, I was informed that the venue for the flier I made cancelled on us because of a miscommunication misunderstanding. So the past week, WPC has actually been looking for another place to host it, but luckily we had another place to host it. The date and location changed, so it gave us a VERY hard time. The mail that were sent before to people, we had to call them one by one and informed them about the new date and location of the event. WPC has a very recyclable theme, so all the fliers that were printed out were needed to have a sticker placed on them to cover the old date and location and replaced them with the new info. I was in charge of editing these stickers and printing and cutting them out so they were big enough to cover the old info. And until the end of the day, I was helping WPC to these sticker things. Also, the mails that had fliers inside them and were ready to be mailed, had to be removed from the inside and placed the sticker over and placed back inside the letter.

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