Week 14 – Evaluation

In the short time that I was in WPC, I’ve learned that patience and time management is the most important thing in creating successful projects. With the short time frame that we have, we must capitalize the production of the project load. There will be times where the day will feel slow and boring due to the old computers that we have, but we will just have to do our best of what we got. We must stay professional and positive.

I also learned that asking for help is okay. Getting some input from teammates and clients about projects will let you know better what suits its needs. I learned that there will always be people around you. Supporting each other and keeping each other happy will make working at WPC fun.

There are always stories and you will find out new techniques and methods to creating design content. I also had success to satisfy clients by making multiple versions and mockups of their work. I learned to always keep smiling while working and show appreciation in what you do.

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