Week 5 – Wake me up, when September ends. Orientation and Feast? What the…!?

I came in for for the orientation @ 10:30am on Saturday September 30. The organization manager, Lisa Daniell gave me a 2-hour+ one-on-one talk about the organization and gave me a tour of the headquarters. They had Old  School mass-printers from 1950’s. The organization that I’m joining for my internship is called Women’s Press Collective(WPC).  WPC claims to not be a company, rather, a non-profit organization who helps the community get their voices heard. WPC’s goal is to sway the audience from the top 5  corporations that control the Media, who wants the audience to only see whatever gets these companies the most views, clicks, and money.

Rather than showing people the real important news, such as how America is now 20.3 trillion in debt and how we should do to fix this, they would rather show what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast. WPC helps the low-income hard working community for free and runs 100% on donations and sponsors. Everything, including the rent and bills for the headquarters is donated from all sorts of companies and businesses who support WPC’s cause. Even the staff there are working for free, all for the better good. Of course, this is a non-paid internship. At least I’m giving back to the community.

After the orientation, they told me about a weekly routine that they do on Saturdays. There is a spanish restaurant nearby that donates food for WPC. They are a restaurant who who only serves breakfast and lunch. At 2pm, we are supposed to come in there with a bunch of containers and get all the spare food from their restaurant. These food were meant to be thrown out if not sold. These food should supply WPC for the following week.


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