Week 4 – Light in the Dark. A Voice is Heard.

Just found out that 70% of the class didn’t get an internship yet or is waiting for an interview to get an internship. Stress and pressure is on everyone’s mind. I was in a state of panic. Luckily, a person helped me and  few of my classmates calm and eased our current stress. Through Mr. Kurtis Wallace, a fellow student and I finally got an internship. The stress was real, but finally its relieved.

During class, in the midst of panic and chaos, I heard a subtle voice. Someone reaching out, trying to help the class. He was saying things that people were looking for; an open internship. Nobody seemed to notice Kurtis due to the “Oh shit, I don’t have an internship. What do I do?” situation.  The professor tried to push the students to go find any internship. She told us, “The amount of hours doesn’t matter, as long as you get an internship.” The whole class turned into a session of applying for internships online.

I reached out to Kurtis, along with that other fellow student, Krystle. He gave us information about the Organization, when to call, and who to reach out to. Kind enough, he stepped out of the room to give that organization’s manager a call to give her a heads up that we were calling. Later that day, I called. A lady was on the other line, Lisa Daniels, organization manager. She briefly described the organization, what they do, and for the good cause they make. I scheduled an appointment on Saturday, September 30th, for an orientation at Women’s Press Collective. Wish me luck.


In case you didn’t know yet, this is what a life saver looks like:


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