Week 3 – The Fishes won’t Bite. No Luck.

With my new updated resume, cover letter, and portfolio,  I applied for multiple internships. I mostly looked in Indeed and with the help of google’s search results. I’ve checked the links the professor provided, but I had an issue with locating some of it. None the less, I continued applying. It was hard enough to find an internship relating to Game Design, let along in New York. Most of the gaming companies are based in the west coast and in Florida. Of all the 2 weeks that I was searching for an internship, I’ve only found one; SuperNova. I’ve modified my cover letter to direct my interest towards their company. No reply.


New York has many Graphic Design companies relating to Fashion and Food. I figured I’d settle there if anything. I’ve graduated associated under the communication design program. I am fond in making eMagazine or anything that has to do with typography. I’ve also applied for multiple companies. Still, no reply.


Most of these websites have requirements. I have all of those, but what bugs me is how they ask for it. Some of them just have a blank box for you to fill for the cover letter. I have a .pdf file of it, so I just had to copy/paste the main message. Most of them required a portfolio. I have a behance profile, so that’s ready been included in the resume or cover letter. They ask a separate file for it, so I’m gonna have to finish the InDesign portfolio look book.


In a nutshell, I have applied for at least 10 internships the past 2 weeks  and nobody has replied. I’ve been checking my email frequently and still no luck. They haven’t even sent an automated decline message as a reply. This might be normal though. Hence, I am still in the quest for looking  for an internship, I’m still applying. I’ve gotten no bites from te companies, but I’m not yet out of the game. Carry on.


New Resume & Cover Letter: Cover Letter + Resume for SuperNova Research

New Portfolio:

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