Week 11 – Email Etiquette

Today was another special day where we learned about email ethics. Again, we have discussed in class on proper ways to send email. Using the book, The Essentials of Business Etiquette, there are specific methods to practice. By practicing, we should be able to increase our professionalism in the field of work.

The most important part about sending an email is so that the receiving end will have the proper information that was needed. Simple mistakes can lead to huge difference, so being precise and careful is whats most important. Also, relaying a message with enough information is good. Adding too many unnecessary information might lead to disagreements and unpleasant results.

The 10 email ethics we have learned from class are:

  • Double Check if you got the correct email recipient. Making sure you are sending the email to the correct person is easily one of the mistakes one can make. One must make sure that the correct email is spelled/typed in.
  • Add email last. Providing correct information is not enough. you must make sure that you do the most important thing last. This is similar to the first. you must do the email recipient last, so that you will not neglect who you are sending it to. Many people enter the email information first; never double check it.
  • Choose a good subject line. Make sure the subject line is proper and straight to the point. Provide straight information about the message being sent.
  • Avoid a negative approach. One must not open/approach with a negative opening. One must avoid coming too aggressive. Even if it’s hard, try to open up with a smile. Make sure the receiving end will feel fine reading the message.
  • Use a salutation and a closing.  Adding a greeting,  “hello”, “dear”, “Thanks”, “Have a nice day”, “Good Day”, can make your email more pleasant and professional. It will also tell them that you care.
  • Make your message easy to read. Add special characters to address some points. Bold or underlining key points and factors will make an email easier to read. It will also grab their attention to the important facts.
  • Be cautious of humor. Be careful of what you say. Some might not find it as funny as others might think. Some things are better of said, and not as much humorous. So just keep it nice and simple.
  • Think twice about hitting “reply all”. Some people might not want to get replies or unnecessary emails. Its better of to do things the hard and proper way, rather than just hitting “reply all” to make things easier.
  • Use a signature block. It will look more professional if one adds a signature block. It will tell people that you mean business and that you are proper.
  • Proof read emails.  This is in fact the most crucial step in sending an email. this is the step that a lot of people will skip. Do not rely on auto-spelling and auto-correction.

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