Week 1 – Planning, Planning, and More Planning. I know right?

     Before I took this class, I already knew that I would be needing a portfolio to get somewhere in the future of this business. I’ve thought about making one. I did, but it turned out looking like shit. I knew, because I have previously applied to the City Tech Faculty Comm on the 2nd floor. Boy, let me tell you. After getting and interview and showing them your portfolio, just to be declined, hurts quite a bit. It disheartened me. I shouldn’t have let that happen to me.

Here I am now. Sitting in this Internship Class, not knowing what the hell to use to present my portfolio. I looked back at my old shitty portfolio. I noticed all the simple amateur mistakes I made and told myself that I could’ve did better. I was proud and excited of my work that I did, all those projects that I presented. It really wasn’t that bad. I just presented them wrong. The positioning was off. The typography was poor. The color choice could’ve been better. I kind of know what to do now. Its just a matter, of the person looking at it will think its as awesome as I think it would be.

Also, my resume hasn’t been updated recently. I haven’t even made a Graphic/Game Design version of it. So far its looking like a basic bitch resume. I figured nobody from the design industry would hire a person with a resume looking like they’re applying for a job at retail store. I took the Writing in the Workplace course in City Tech and it has helped me a lot. Even the professor in the internship course right now said I was a good writer. I do think so to. It would fall in the category of Storyboarding if it were related to Game Design.

So by next week, I would have gathered all my best works thee past years. Most of them are work from  classes, but they are badass. Most of those ended up in the Grace Gallery on the 11th floor in City Tech. I would also have an updated version of my resume and make a graphic/game designer version of it. I’m just hoping for the best. I hope that I would have enough time to do all this and not conflict with my job that I have. I’m currently working in an Escape the Room facility, and it gets very tiring once I get home.


This is what my old portfolio looked like… well… just some of it…

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