Week 7 – Metal Dinosaurs & First Completed Task

Second week in WPC was great. We managed to wake up the old metal dinosaurs and got them working. I’m taking about the Old School printers from the 50s. We also had the weekly Fiesta De Nomz. Good Eats! Also, I finally finished the flier. First Assignment Done! We Lit fam!

Saturday 10/07/2017, I came in at 12:45 noon and came to see that the OG printers from the 50s were running. It was a demonstration of how prints were made using these machines. The professional print person was handling all the business, while we just sit back in awe. He showed us how and where to apply the ink, how to troubleshoot some jammed papers, what some mechanical features were, and how to make and clean the aluminum print plates to preserve them. We managed to roughly print at least 500 pages of the WPC flier. Its the same flier WPC has been using for 10 years. Kurtis’ assignment is to find a way to remodel a new one. Later that day, Krystle and them got the Food and we ate good. I stayed for the Staff meeting(happens every saturdays) and left early due to a family issue. I left @ 4:30pm.

Tuesday 10/10/17, I came in at 12:10 noon. I saw Kurtis for a bit, but he had to leave early for his work. Lisa sat down with me and told me some changes to the flier. She told me that making the “War” too big might already cause tension to both parties. She suggested to make it more subtle and more reader friendly. I agreed, and I knew exactly what to do. She added more text and more details about the flier. So, my plan was to download the bad-ass font Trade Gothic (thank you Prof. Trofimova), but since the organization only borrows internet from the neighbor, and the neighbor is out, I had to find another way to download the font. Luckily, I had my flash drive with the font family saved in it. So, Boom! The final Flier is done. Lisa is going to sent it to one of WPC’s founders for final evaluation and we should be good to go!

Saturday 10/07

Tuesday 10/10


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