Week 2 – Cleaning up the Resume, Cover Letter, and Portfolio

So I showed the professor my updated resume, cover letter. and portfolio. I thought the updated graphic/game design resume would be decent, but it was actually too much going on. It was too loud, too busy, no white space for the eyes to rest. The professor saw that right away. She helped me a lot and guided me.

The same thing goes for my cover letter. She corrected it and helped me reduce the amount of text that was in it. The body of the text, she suggested, that I have it stopped 3/4th of the way so that it would be easier for the reader. We eliminated 30% of the body text for those redundant sentences. Now my cover letter is straight to the point.

I made a logo for myself. The original logo I had in mind was different than what I have now. The one that  I had in my mind was too long. The current one that I have now is small and compact. I kept it simple; black lines with slanted cuts that all goes the same direction. I now use it for everything. I have it on both my resume and cover letter. I use it on every page of my portfolio. I use it as an avatar for social media.

I made a behance profile. I didnt know something like that existed. If I have known it earlier, I would’ve used that site to present my portfolio. Now it looks all neat and clean. I’ve simplified the contents inside.  The front cover is a mock-up of what it would look like. And then the contents inside, I made sure, was of clear quality and is easy to see.

I’ve also made a spread sheet of it on InDesign for the class. Its just a simple Mock-up preview. I think the purpose of it is when your clients would want to see a physical copy of your portfolio when you come to them. Its mostly the same picture as the front covers I had in behance. But just no specific contents inside, just the previews.

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