Week 6 – Work Environment? Okay.

My first week in  WPC was straight forward. With the little amount of technology that was donated to the organization, I managed to pull some typography magic and helped a fellow group member with a task. Lets Start off from getting of the train and heading to WPC headquarters; It takes a good 10 minutes to walk from the train station to the HQ. I cross a bridge under the elevated train tracks that go across the Gowanus Canal. Down the road, I’ll always cross this deer made of wooden shapes. The area is the industrial part of Brooklyn, so there are plenty of shops and industrial companies, such as Lumber, Glass, Ceramic, and even scrap metal(Junk Yard). There is a shortcut where I get to cut through Lowe’s parking lot.

On Wednesday 10/04/2017, I came to WPC HQ around Noon. Lisa talked to me about an event that is going to happen in 4 weeks. Its about a forum talk about how whether the big news companies publish news for public interest or for private interest. Lisa told me that we needed to make a flier to hand out to the public. It is based on a PBS Frontline documentary called News War. The audience was the staff and journalists who work for big media companies, such as The New York Times. She gave me a paper containing all the text and stuff that needs to go in it. She told me her preference in how the design would look like there is 2 groups that are in argument. So, I managed to make a few drafts of that flier. It was hard because the computers we have are really outdated and 3 of the 4 computers did not have internet access. Thankfully there was at least Adobe InDesign CS2 for me to work with. I left the HQ at 5:10pm.

On Thursday 10/05/17, I came to WPC HQ at 1pm, there was a fellow member of WPC who was sorting out mailing orders. Dan’l is a former art director and is now currently a writer. He has been a member of WPC for quite some time and is a huge supported of the organization. I helped him with 2 things: 1 – He needed help locating some specific files and to package them, so he can sent it to a printing company that supports WPC. 2 – We did some Old School meathod of arranging some mailing orders. There was a list of people who we will send our a copy of WPC’s booklet GTP. We sort it from scratch; adding the stickers to close the booklet, adding the information of the people/companies we send it to, and marking their mastercards and secondary card to keep note what day and what issue we sent them. It was hard work, we did not finish all of it. With the help of some Classic Hard Rock music, we managed to at least enjoy our time doing it.


Going to HQ:

“Oh, Deer!” lol.   

Wednesday 10/04

Thursday 10/05

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