Week 8 – Steady Workflow

Wednesday – October 11, 2017           

WPC has an amazing history. From how it started from an organization relating unfairly treated low-incoming farmers, to traveling to Venezuela and to attend some UN conferences, WPC has a long history and is important for us interns and for volunteers to know about our organization’s background. Today we had a 3-hour session learning about the history of WPC and how it came to be. After the session, I was given the task to tackle some of their flyers. The challenge was if I can come up with a different arrangement and idea about a new layout of these flyers. Their flyers has been successful because it has been the same flyer they have been using for over 10 years.


Saturday – October 14, 2017

I met with a client. His name is Akeem. The first time I saw him was when I was working on another project, I overheard him talking and then suddenly he started doing poetry slam, his rhymes were on point and it wasn’t provocative like rap. It was more controversial about how life is like being in the streets. Turns out he’s a writer. He is disabled and in a wheelchair. He always has a caretaker on him 24/7 due to his inability to use his hands and feet, but oh boy. Can this man talk. My task was to make a book cover for him on The Mind of a Menace. I had a gist of what his viewpoint was and I remembered him talking about situations that gave me imagery, so I somewhat sketched something, a title for the cover and at the end of it, I did a quick draft of how it would potentially look. So far he liked it, we will work on this more in another day.


Wednesday – October 18, 2017

Akeem was not coming in to discuss further ideas of the book, so I figured I would continue visualizing his ideas. So far, I know his book is going to be 5.5×8.5 with no spine and consists of 10 poems. I was looking for realty free images online and organized something that would closely represent all of what goes on in a menace’s mind. Everything he has mentioned that had a visual impact on the reader I tried to illustrate that through a collage of images. In the front, I composed a guy walking in the middle of a street alone with a single car light illuminating on him creating a silhouette. The background I blended in a wall of graffiti to make the setting look like a ghetto hood and the whole image spreads to the whole page front and back. In the back cover, I made 2 variations. One was the collage of imagery of what would be in a menace’s mind and the other is just a plain text or brief discussion of the book. Also that day, the other members of WPC showed me the final copy of the flyer I made that was sent to the Founder for approval and was approved.

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