Week 10 – Essentials of Business Etiquette

Work ethics is important when it comes to getting a job and being in one. It all starts from the very beginning, the first encounter. Aside from the vibe and personality that gives off from your resume or business card, the first physical/visual contact you have with your hiring manager or client is crucial. The first impression that you make is considered, whether you like it or not. It is our job as opportunity seeking people to present ourselves as the professionals that the managers and clients are seeking. When presenting ourselves, we must also make sure that we are only presenting the quality and traits that are sufficient, not to add any unnecessary information.

In making a business card, the book tells us to only provide information that is enough for the reader to see or to take in. A person may only glance at your business card for 2 seconds, and in that time, they will decide whether to be interested in you or not. Time is of the essence. No company or client would want to spend their time and money on someone who’s first impression makes it look like they are incompetent, even though they might not. We must make precise decisions in what we are adding to our business card. We would ask ourselves questions, such as “Should we add a social media link?” Or “Should we add a profile photo of ourselves?” Adding a social media link could benefit you if you have excellent content and with many praise and many inputs from multiple people. If not, you might have a very underwhelming social media and will make companies and clients turn away. Same goes if you add a profile picture of yourself. Believe it or not, companies and clients will judge you from your race, looks, and religious background. Its better off just placing a logo that represents you. Its good enough for an attention grabber to leave your targets interested enough and will give them a vibe on what you really are about.

While at work, there are multiple work ethics that one must follow. Having a job just isn’t enough. You might have that position at that job now, but who knows that someone might take over your position and would leave you unemployed the next day. In the book, it shows you the Worker’s 7 Deadly Sins that leads people unemployed and have no future.

  • The first one is showing initiative. One must go above and beyond the work. Its good for the higher ups to notice one’s hard work that might lead one to a promotion or a raise.
  • The second one is for not paying attention to details. At some point, people will be overwhelmed with work. Cutting corners and skipping small information will leave an unsatisfactory work leading to having a client looking for another person to go to.
  • The third is not offering help. If one is finished with work, one might think that the job is done. But it doesn’t hurt to help another fellow worker when you see them struggling with something. It shows you care for work and makes you a good team player, leading for a job promotion.
  • The fourth one is not staying with the company’s changes. Some things might be good the way it is, but things change for a reason. If a company has a different idea and approach, you must follow it, even though its another process. Companies or clients usually don’t change things around unless its for a better outcome.
  • The fifth is not connecting with others. Greeting co-workers and other fellow employees is good. It gives the impression that one is caring and is open to subject for discussion. One might be better working solo, but communicating with others is a must. Sitting in a corner alone will give people the feeling that you are not welcome in the company
  • The sixth is not conveying enthusiasm for your job. You have to show that you like the job you are doing; show interest. Being punctual and doing extra time on projects. Show respect to the co-workers. Don’t talk shit about them.
  • And the last, seventh is not having a professional demeanor. Dress properly, avoid bad body postures, speak with a clear voice, and avoid filler words. You have to show confidence and vigilance when it comes to presentation of yourself.

Essentials of Business Etiquette:




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