Week 13 – Amazing Experience. Had Fun.

Well, the journey with WPC has been very great. But sadly, they are moving to the Bronx next week, and I am afraid I cannot commute that far into the Bronx. All the packages are ready to be loaded up and transferred. All magazines were packed into lots of USPS boxes that WPC looted from multiple Postal Offices. I thought it was very humorous when they were emptying out all of the boxes they had for multiple days since it was free. I felt bad for USPS, but they do indeed charge WPC with large amounts, so no hard feelings.

All boxes are labeled based on what type of books they were; art, history, typography, classic, poetry, adobe help books, etc. The magazines were place in a bigger box. some of them are already packed, so we just had to sort them. Keep in mind each of the boxes weighed about 30-40 pounds and the smaller ones were 15-20.



Well, everything is gone. Some boxes and furniture had already been moved. And I had the opportunity to accompany Lisa to a public storage location where a WPC member had offered to donate. It was an amazing view up there. After that, the Donor even treated us to Ice Cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.



Moving is not easy. By us interns helping with carrying all the stuff, it didn’t seem like it was really related to our major or career, but there are some small things that matter. The teamwork that you have with others and the bond that you create with others is priceless. You will definitely feel exhausted and be bored, but as long as you have a team and will make you have fun while doing tasks, it will be all worth it.


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