Andrew J. Charles: Computational Research

Project #1
Project Name & Creator/s: Genesis, 1999 created by Eduardo Kac
Project URL:
Project Description: The process of this project allows the user to turn a simple sentence from ‘Genesis from the Hebrew Bible into Morse Code which is then translated into the sections that are made to create DNA.
Input: Basically you start out with typing a simple message which is then translated into Morse Code
Output: Then this Morse Code is translated once again into the genetic structure that is used for DNA.
Process: Installation with genetically modified E-Coli, bacteria, Ultraviolet light, Computer and Internet
Statement: That by converting a simple message through the use of translation one can understand how it would look in terms of a genetic code. It goes through a lot to make a simple message but the idea of it is surprisingly creative.
Critique: For being made back in the late 1990s it is rather interesting to see such a thing be made for its time. Since it means that we can control how the genetic code of things can be ordered and placed based on how a person plans it. I do wonder if there are more things to experiment within this section.

Project #2
Project Name & Creator/s: Avatar Machine, 2008 created by Marc Owens
Project URL:
Project Description: The general idea of the ‘Avatar Machine’ is for the user to experience themselves in the point of view as a virtual character in terms of third person gaming. This would allow for the user to express ideas on a different perspective of their views normally.
Input: “The super wide camera mounted to the body harness is pointed back at the user. The video is streamed live to a head mounted display worn by the user.” This means you wear the camera first.
Output: “The effect is real life viewed in third person.” Then you are ready to experiment from this point of view.
Process: Camera, Computer, Mirrors and Harnesses
Statement: By the use of cameras, and computers, one can be their own ‘virtual character’. Given that their perspective is third person.
Critique: I have to say the concept and the video is a rather interesting way to express how this would work. But, if there was a way to make the ‘armor’ much more small/lighter it could allow for much more better progress to base on more.

Project #3
Project Name & Creator/s: Sharkrunners,, 2007 Area/Code(USA,est,2005)
Project URL:
Project Description: It is a game for Discovery Channel’s 20th Anniversary as it allows for oceanic research as well as shark research.
Input: You play as ships that you have control over. While the sharks actually move and function due to the GPS attached to their fins.
Output: The ships move in real time and that the players get updates/announcements from possible shark encounters.

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