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Assignment 2, final work

Am I Wrong to Judge People for Talking to Me in Emoji?
Wordsmith raised concerns that the relationship between humans and language is changing, because people use a lot of symbols to chat, which worries Wordsmith very much. And experts explain how visual media has replaced text as the primary form of expression of people’s culture. And the shift started long before the internet, but images clearly thrive in the digital space. But like Wordsmith, the renunciation of images is an ascetic virtue, an act that would avert the extinction of the written word.

Photoshop and Procreate

Assignment 2 – Final

This piece is based on “Everything Sucks In Streaming Animation Right Now” by Gita Jackson in Vice.

Used this color palette for some warm tones, the Animation Industry is into flames right now, saying this is fine, in reality, it isn’t when their animation shows, movies, and their upcoming animated projects ended up canceled and stayed silent for no explanation why this animated show or an upcoming project got removed or canceled? It’s due to the lack of care and passion from the CEO that animation isn’t worthy anymore.

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