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The name of the article I chose was, “The Road to Self-Driving Cars is Full of Speed Bumps” written by Hannah Fry

In this article, the author explains that the dream of self-driving cars might be a lot further away than we think. Knowing how certain people and drivers act malicious on the road, a self-driving car, in any situation, cannot think like a machine but needs to think and act as if a human brain is in control over its functions. Only then, would they allow a fully automated car to be released on the street without the assistance of a human driver.

Assignment 2 – Final Art

My article is “Kids as young as eight are using social media more than ever”


Since, this article is for both parens and kid, I wanted to do simple art for better understanding. The clock on the top shows hours passing by in a day and shows kid using screen time a lot throughout the dayDespite playing video game on tv, the id has phone and IPad next to him as well. And he is very close to tv which can be very bad for his eyesight as well.

I did this art digitally in “procreate” app. I do most of my art and design work digitally as it helps me better to create whatever I want.

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