Wheat Grass- Yu-On Chui

While i was looking around Union Square Green Market i saw a variety of fruits and vegetables. Some i knew about and some other exotic ones i hadn’t. Everything i saw had something special to them making them unique until, i came across What Grass. The Wheat grass was so plain and so unimpressive looking compared everything else that those features alone are what stood out for me. I then asked the vendor what was the difference between wheat grass and the grass in my front lawn. He then replied listing a plethora or benefits and treatments of wheat grass. I did not pay attention to much of what he said but somehow my eyes and interests had subconsciously opened up as soon as he mentioned colon cancer. I was almost instantly taken back a few years ago when my family actually HAD followed the Wheat Grass diet for some time because my father had discovered a tumor in his colon. Luckily the tumor was removed and tested negative for cancer. Upon recalling this memory, i bought 5 dollars worth of wheat grass and handed it to my mom. Not only did I ensure a weeks worth of grass soup for dinner, I also ensured the safety and cleanliness of my colon.

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