Antonio Tlapanco

Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket

I can remember having my first black and white cookie and unfortunately it was a bad experience. It was extremely stale and I felt it was overpriced especially since it was not as great as i hoped it will taste. However, I still finished it because I do not like wasting food.  I was around 5 years old when this happen to me. It has been thirteen years since then and I have not had a black and white cookie since then. However, my trip to the Baker’s Bounty was wroth my time. The minute I went to their stand there black and white cookies caught my eye. I have not paid much attention to this greenmarket even though it is located near CityTech. Unfortunately, I could not buy one but the next time I will make the time ti try there black and white cookies as well as their many other products. I hope there as good as they look.

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