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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a museum with many collections that hold cultural heritage from countries around the world. And it is also the largest museum in the Western Hemisphere. Another interesting thing is that they have exhibition areas for different countries. For example, if you are interested in Asian culture, then you can follow the indicator to visit the Asian exhibition area first. I think it will bring a lot of fun to many tourists. In this museum, you can see many different historical cultures, and these histories are the cultural history of all human beings. I think this is very worthwhile to appreciate.

New York City is a place of diversity. You can find food from different countries here. There is no restaurant you won’t find in New York. Dessert is of course very popular in New York, especially cheesecake, which is also an iconic dessert in New York City. All in all, the multicultural culture of New York City has also led to the fact that people can eat the specialties of different countries’ food here. And that was amazing. 

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  1. R Abreu

    Hello Yezhen,

    Junior’s Cheesecake is an iconic store in Brooklyn

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