Concierge Marketing Assignment

20% of total course grade

Selection of NYC Attraction is Due Before Class Begins, Week 8

Written Assignment is Week 11, submitted via Blackboard

Presentation with Visual Aids is due Week 11, Submitted via OpenLab



You are the Chief Concierge of an upscale hotel in Manhattan; you will conduct research to learn about a historically significant tourist attraction in New York City. This information will be used when you conduct a team training for your staff.

Identify the hotel where you are the concierge_______________________________________


Consider all that New York has to offer visitors and New Yorkers alike, consider a tourist attraction that has historic significance to the culture of New York; perhaps a museum, an art gallery, a park, a sports arena, a restaurant, monument, festival and so much more. Make a list that contains four historically significant New York tourist attractions and find a resource stating why it is significant.

List Four NYC attractions of interest

_____________________________________            ____________________________________

_____________________________________            ____________________________________

Choose one location to research, write and present about

Chosen NYC Attraction: __________________________________________________________

Academically reliable source: ______________________________________________________


Research 1) what is the attraction’s significance to the culture of New York? 2) Why does the author consider it a tourist attraction? 3) what makes the attraction unique?

  1. ________________________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________________________

­ Location Selection (only one student per attraction)

  • Share your chosen tourist attraction on the OpenLab as a comment on the “Concierge” page. Include a statement explaining why this site is culturally significant to New York.
  • Include an APA formatted reference

Format of the Submission

Written portion, 2-2½ page essay (10% of total grade)

  • Exhibit the ability to evaluate the importance of the historically significant New York City tourist attraction expressing 1) the attraction’s significance to the culture of New York; 2) why the authors of the articles consider it a tourist attraction 3) the unique features that a visitor to the attraction might seek
  • APA format and standards, proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling…
  • Minimum of three academically reliable citations and references

Oral presentation (10% of total grade)

  • The role of the student in this portion of the assingment is that of Chief Concierge who creates a training video for the concierge of their hotel (see page one).
    • Student’s Role: Chief Concierge
    • Audience: Members of the hotel staff who report to the Chief Concierge
  • The presentation will be 2-2.5 minutes long (it should not be longer or shorter)
  • Content should include
    • Name of the historically significant tourism attraction
    • The category of tourism a visitor may engage in at the attraction
    • Special features of the tourism attraction
    • What a visitor should consider about the tourism attraction
    • Transportation, cost, accessibility, food options and/or other important information that a visitor would need to know
    • Conclusion
    • Create a powerpoint or other visual aid to support the information in the video
  • Format Option 1, uploaded prerecorded presentation
    • Create a video using a mobile devise recording feature or zoom
    • Save the video to YouTube or other sharing platform
    • Change the video privacy setting to “unlisted” (this will offer greater privacy)
    • Create a post on the OpenLab, choose the category “Concierge Presentation”
      • Write a short introduction about the historically significant tourism attraction you chose
      • Add the link to the video
      • Add the visual aid
    • See Prof. Goodlad’s sample.
  • Format Option 2, live presentation
    • Prepare the presentation as described on this document. Conduct the presentation during class time, the session will NOT be recorded
    • Create a post on the OpenLab, choose the category “Concierge Presentation”
      • Write a short introduction about the historically significant tourism attraction you chose
      • Upload a visual aid (powerpoint, prezi, video or another electronic format)
  • Format Option 3, if neither option #1 or #2 can be completed, make an appointment with your professor to talk about alternative options. This must be done before week 10 of the semester

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Discuss scope of the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Gather information from observation in regard to the hospitality industry from a local, national and global perspective
  • Evaluate and examine hotel classifications
  • Engage in high impact and industry specific written and oral communication