​This is a weekly homework activity that will prepare you for your final project.

Read the travel blog provided to you from your teacher, identify the parts of the blog post that address the following aspects of evaluating a tourist destination. When done, express how you believe a Director of Tourism for the destination will use the information to attract visitors (be specific).

  • How easy or difficult would it be to travel to and around the destination? (All blogs were written pre-covid, apply your answer to what you believe will be a covid or post covid experience)
  • For what purpose would a visitor likely travel to this destination? (The Category of Tourism)
  • What opportunities for lodging are available?
  • How does the author convey the unique culture of the area through the food and beverage described?
  • Identify two cultural sites that are unique to the destination.
  • Identify two activities a visitor could engage in and what the visitor will gain from the experience.

The following travel blogs will be read throughout the semester. Check the weekly homework for the specific article to read.






Terms to become familiar with:

Tourist destination: an area with differing attributes (natural and manmade) which features attractions to visitors

Director of Tourism


Tourist attraction