Town Hall 2018

I attended An event for work as a chance to network within  my internship site. The event is called a “Town Hall” I’ve never really heard of this before. So, basically it’s a meeting with all the employees of the company and people come together to voice comments,questions or concerns. I attended as part of the marketing team to get to know others there. Days before the town hall I revived an odd graphics request that people were gonna be shown at Town Hall in a presentation slide. I was asked to photoshop the faces of other employees onto dumb and dumber, wizard od is cast etc. So I was excited to see everyone’s reaction at the event.

At the event it was pretty awkward since the marketing team was introducing me over and over again to all the different people. Some that I have met before myself, just re introducing. It was awakened in the sense that so many people work for the company I’m bound to be re introduced some more. The meeting was how I’d thought any conference would go, a lot of pauses and yawns in the process. In all fairness it was a 7hr event, We went last. Once it was marketing’s turn to go I quickly paid attention to the slides waiting for mine to come up. At first, no one was sure if they were able to laugh since fun was being poked at 2 main execs in Dumb and dumber by the next slides they got the point. What was funny to me about this experience is that after I got introduced to everyone people were asking who did the graphics and some knew right away and other I was re introduced to. Key take away from this experience is that as an intern people will forget you on top of the 1,000 things there probably doing but if your work is good it will stand on its own and recognition will follow as long as your not waiting on it.