How I found my internship

How I found my internship.

It was last semester I was still interning at 100 Hispanic Women, Inc. through CUNY. It was the beginning of the fiscal year, so I was contacted a told that due to budget cuts CUNY can no longer fund my internship program. I thought this was very unfortunate since I remembered hearing about the CUNY cuts earlier in the year. I’d have never thought that it would affect anything, but it did.

So, the semester is coming to an end my CUNY internship with 100HW had an end date. My plan was honestly to just find a part time in retail or something that would work with my schedule. I knew serious employers didn’t fancy college students with schedule change every 3 months.

Linked-In for Internships

I had been a part of linked-in for some time and I always got job notifications for positions I wasn’t ready for due to experience, degree, etc. but then I decided to search internships most were for the summer which was exactly what I was looking for. I turned away from all the ones that weren’t like one click apply because it was too much effort for a part time? I stumbled upon a vague position that said International Company seeks corporate marketing intern (graphics). It was vague, and I liked a gamble on whom the company was… Maybe it was P&G or Target something like that? So, I went for it tapped links in easy apply. I closed the app never really thought about it again. I continued to look I even went to a TJ max by the school and got an application. Weeks passed, and I got an email for an interview intake form, and it went from there.