CityTech Feb14 Namm

I attended the Networking event at City Tech on Feb 14th in Namm. This hasn’t been my first networking event, the first one I ever attended was for Pratt and It was a memorable experience. This event was kind of dull in my experience maybe because it was on

Valentine’s Day. I unfortunately didn’t have any business cards to hand out, I am still trying to finalize my brand as a designer. It was well organized I spoke to come class mates from our class. I did receive a business card from someone it was a professor within the school, he was trying to recommend a program but I wasn’t a STEM major so it didn’t apply to me. Still for reference I kept the card anyways. As the event progressed some people dozed off others peeked in. As a networking event, I don’t think It was successful, it felt more like a mixer. I think the ideal networking event for college students might be like a speed dating kind of thing. Where in a way your forced to talk to the person in front of you and that would build first impression skills.

I look forward to attending another even before graduating and really taking advantage of the connections.