Collaborative Project Experience

A collaborative project I had to work in with another Intern Melanie was a competitor analysis. It was more of a  marketing task than a graphic design task but since I am a graphic design intern for the Marketing department, I complied. We each were given 7 out of 14 competing construction companies. We had to analyze each company’s content, weather external or internal. So we reviewed all the social media handles of each company and picked out the most notable things. The frustrating part of the task was that it was assigned within a period of time while we were both doing other tasks. Her as the copywriter me as a designer, it was hard to coordinate so we used google docs. I took time out of my day every time I came in to update and fill it with my companies, but as days passed I didn’t see her updating her sheet. I didn’t pay much mind till 2 weeks passed and still just some titles. I took the initiative to be like hey let’s catch up and meet up, to like kind of push her to do it. Long story short by the time the meeting was she came up with the rest of the work. What I’ve learned from this experience is that people work differently, I like to time manage and have a to-do list and not everyone is like this which is Ok. I learned that when it comes to a work environment people are working on different things and they prioritize in there own way. As long as it didn’t affect your work flow and deadlines another Co workers work habits may bug you but certainly are not a reflection of yourself. As long as you do what your supposed to and meet deadlines/requirements your work will reflect you.

Melanie and I