Intern Work Environment

STO Office

The work environment at Structure tone is very communal, everyone says Hi to each other and are genuinely friendly. It’s a corporate office so there are a lot of executives walking around. Since they are an international construction company with office I the UK, US and Canada, there NY office had to reflect on the whole company and as a construction company you must show your work in a way. The NY office that I am fortunate to be a part of has a WELL certification, not just the building but. The office its self. What this means is that the office is designed and constructed with eco-friendly biodegradable materials that are equally sturdy. It focuses not just on the outside but also the interiors. So basically, everything is basically made to keep the employees wellness above standards. The facility has all faucets filtered to encourage healthy water drinking habits. The Lighting and bulbs are energy saving. The eating area is made from recycled trees from Hurricane Sandy. Also, the cafeteria has healthy food choices only, if you want junk food you go out and get it. The company really cares about the wellbeing of its employees


sto office