Day in the life

A day in the life for me at Structure Tone is I come in at 8:30. I don’t drink coffee so I usually have my DD ice tea lemonade with some breakfast. Since I don’t come in everyday I usually go to what I was working on before I left and check my email for any updates. As the graphic design intern I usually get a lot of requests to do rushed work that the Art Director or Senior designer couldn’t get to. So it consists of banners for the site or things other departments have requested that didn’t seem to prominent at the time and fell through the cracks.

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I often work on things as a first come first serve basis, but on rare occasion when something is tentative I have to push things to the side and handle it. Besides working on graphic requests I also work with WordPress updating the site. For example the copy writer might send over some copy to update from a section of the website and I go into WordPress and make sure it’s part of the layout and check the coding to see any errors. I take an hour lunch that we don’t get paid for, so I come in for 9hrs just to get paid for 8 of them. I usually just walk around have a quick bite and kill time because an hour seems too much for a lunch break but than again u don’t get paid for not taking it so I find ways to kill time. On 34th Street they have a lot of tourists things to do so I just wonder around, I got a free bag of chips and drink just walking around 34 cause I guess they wanna target tourists to purchase there products. By the time it’s 3-4pm I prioritize what I want/ need to finish by 5:30 which is when I leave. And I work to my best ability to finish. After a long day at work I go home and work on HW for the next day, because I can’t do that at the site. The one thing they do let me do which is a perk is print my projects there.

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