CityTech Has Useful Skills

The skills I learned at City Tech that were useful to me during my internship are many. The most prominent thing that I learned was the programs. Having InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere under my sleeve didn’t just increase my resumes appearance to an employer. It allowed me to take on various creative projects in different mediums. It allowed me to stay interested in my internship handling many graphic tasks. Another useful skill that I acquired here at city tech was the ability to talk about and present my work. It was helpful when the marketing team would have meetings and I would be referred to explain my process and what was done. It allowed me to use design terms to explain my process and visuals. For example, I was working on an iconography library for the graphic designer that work on proposals to use. I could explain the characteristics of each icon alongside what it would communicate. Lastly, another skill that goes unnoticed but very useful is the ability to handle criticism and use it to work on an updated design. I gained useful feedback and go edit my icons and edit it accordingly. These are some of the wide variety of skills City tech has taught me.