Visual Quote Project


Original Quote:

Don’t pay attention to what they write about you, just measure it in inches ”  – Andy Warhol


Postcard 1:


In this post card my concept was to capture the quote as if Andy was saying it himself, really capture the essence of his well known personality. The color palate used is magenta with knockout white type. For this design the text is centered, and I implemented 3 san serif fonts ( Futura, Gil Sans & Century Gothic) and 1 serif font ( Times New Roman). The goal in combining these type faces was to create the sense of tone in the voice of the reader. I also Included a small dose of Andy by including something he would say like Darling.”


Postcard 2:


Postcard 2  I decided to express the quote with a decorative type face. The type face I chose was Mrs. Strange. The text is aligned to the left and centered. I used thick 2pt. lines for a break in the quote due to length. The main goal was to effectively use the decorative type alongside an object that would tie the whole design piece together The color palette for this postcard is teal with white type knockout. Mainly used to maintain theme within all postcard designs.

quote_design_revision_2                                                                           quote_design

Postcard 3:


Postcard 3 was inspired by the Pop Art genre Andy Warhol is known for. I used popular symbols people would recognize instead of writing the whole phrase out. Don’t was replaced with the No sign , Pay with the money symbol and attention with the exclamation point.Three fonts were used ( Futura, Avenir and Times New Roman) The color palette resembles to the colors used during the Pop Art movement which were very recognizable and bold.