Joan Mitchell Foundation Art Summit 2018

I attended the Joan Mitchel Art Summit this past weekend. I attended the event with Kelvin, little to my knowledge the event was mostly for high school students. It was mostly about finding resources within the city for upcoming artist. I was very grateful to be part of this although not a good networking event to meet other professionals, but it was a good experience in acknowledging the different companies within the industry. We listened to different panel discussions and participated in a book making workshop. The day ended with a lot of techniques learned and a new awareness for the support of the arts in NY.


My main take away was from the panel discussion with Joanna Reign from @theunapologeticalybrownseries. She spoke about the meaning and essence of her work which I was truly inspired by. She basically does street art with politically aware posters in neighborhoods of high minority population and communities facing gentrification. It brought to light to me that your work doesn’t have to be on a canvas or in a gallery even to be appreciated and noticed. It was inspiring to me to continue with my passion for fine arts besides graphic design, because my creations deserve to live even if it’s not blown up everywhere and worth millions.