Video Project: Interview Kay

Link to Video Project:


My Experience with video before this assignment was very minimal. I have done a short series for the organization I work for using my phone, but I have learned that it is not as intricate and detailed as Premiere pro CC. Going through this I learned many different things First, I know that a tri-pod is crucial for the best angels, focus and overall results. My hand on its own just isn’t stable enough. Secondly, I realized I liked to comment and engage in conversation with my interviewee I sometimes cut them off or respond to interview which becomes very distracting. I ended up having to edit and cut through my personal commentary. Third, I learned how to use audio to make a video more engaging by being curious and cutting it in the right transitional moments.

For this project I created my own slides that are shown below. These are my interview questions since, I did not feel comfortable using my voice for the video as I found it to be very distracting. When I created theses transitions son InDesign I didn’t take into  consideration the sizing of screen so when I used my slides as transitions they blew up. It wasn’t until I recalled what we spoke about screens and resolution to look up the size of a cinematic display in order to fill the video frame proportionally. I was successful to include my transitions. Making myself more proficient in Premiere Pro CC. Having the opportunity to re-shoot my interviewee with a tripod and using all these newly acquired skills will make my next execution in the future more successful.

Translational Slides:

intro intro_2 question_2-0 question_2 question_3 question_4 question_5 question_6 question_7 credds