Day 2: What Kind of Graphic Designer Am I ?

Mission Statement:

Hilda Jara is a tactical designer that incorporates her personality and charisma into each of her designs while executing her client’s vision successfully. She specializes in branding and package design, but is always highly motivated to pursue different mediums. Whatever your wishes are she will gladly connect with you until your vision is realized.


As a designer I am a generalist, I like to incorporate my designs into any medium possible. To see what I’m most comfortable with and what I won’t take on in the future. I like to explore different programs, currently I am proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and tightening my skills in Dream Weaver and Premiere Pro. I am very interested in learning After Effects because I see a bigger future in motion graphics for every company trying to be more modern and innovative with their communications.

I have recently chosen my track to be Graphic Design for my Bachelors degree. I decided this track and not to go with advertising, illustration, or web design for a couple of reasons. One of them being that I wasn’t comfortable with the aspect of my designs equaling money. The whole business side of advertising wasn’t for me, I felt like in this industry the designer would get lost in translation of selling to the consumer and I didn’t want to promote things I didn’t agree with either. As for Illustration I realized it took a lot of passion other than sketching from time to time to really pursue this and make it profitable. Lastly, Web design is something I’m still interested in in terms of designing but not building. Although I still think HTML and CSS is a necessary skill to have.

Currently, I am working as an Intern and as a Freelancer. I work in-house as a graphic design intern for Structure tone an international contracting company part-time. I work on there internal and external communications in the corporate marketing department. This allows me to work on a variety of things from web banners to promotional items. Its been a excellent experience and I look forward to continuing with them in the future. As a Freelancer I have acquired some clients through my Instagram page and through referral from people know me and my quality of work. In my freelance experience I have re-designed logos, designed event social platforms, and created a website.

In the future I look forward to finding my niche in what form of design I’m most comfortable with concentrating on as a specialty. In the meantime, I will develop my skills in various areas to gain experience and be able to apply to junior designer positions after I graduate. I’d like to work at an agency where different clients are assigned. This will allow me to grow within my first years as a budding designer.

In the meantime, I will continue my studies and refine my skills by producing as much professional work that I can to build an appealing portfolio. My goal is to have my work fit for the various industry’s I am interested in and have its reflect my skills. I look forward to growing as a designer and reach my full potential.