Day 1: Reflection


From my first session of being part of topics in graphic design the course seems challenging but a gainful learning experience as a designer. Learning from a very experienced professor the course seems to cover all aspects of design that may have been lost in weeds in past courses. This is intriguing to be able to discuss the topics we may haven’t completely understood in past courses or topics that were just simply interested in knowing. In our first session, we could specifically depict what we wanted to know which mostly covered, portfolio presentation, self-branding, freelancing, design history, and adjusting to different digital platforms. The topic I’m most intrigued in learning is self-branding as a freelance designer since I have my own small freelance called H.J. Graphics.

A part of the course that took me by surprise is that it was a writing intensive course, I could say my writing needs to be more developed. So, I am intrigued to see how or if this course increases my skills in being more creative with my writing. I’d also like to see how I could apply creative writing to design briefs and other materials. Reviewing the syllabus what I am anticipating about the course is to be part of the upcoming field trips to design and advertisement firms. I myself never have been to one physically and this is an experience I’m looking forward to.

In class, we were shown a Ted talk starring one of the most thought-provoking book designer Chip Kid. He was discussing the use of mystery and clarity in design and how you can use it to your whim. My only understanding of this topic was using hidden figures in illustrations to provide deeper meaning. It didn’t occur to me it could be done with design as well. Watching the Ted talk inspired me to use that in my designs depending on my target audience of course. This will allow me to emotionally connect with  my audience.

A topic that I am heavily interested in discussing is the psychology of graphic design. This is a topic I have touched on before with my communication design I professor and my psychology professor on how to design to increase positive habits. I have lightly touched upon a scenario where someone designs water to be more appealing there increasing the drinking of water over sugary drinks. I would like to know if there are any design firms focusing on human wellness through design.

One of my strongest attributes is typography. I feel like I use fonts to quickly and successfully communicate to various target audiences. I feel like I use various different fonts in innovative ways, also as of now I am taking advanced problems in typography this semester. Another strong suit that I think I have is the ability to use color and different color combinations to highlight my works and engage an audience.