Hitchings | D054 | Fall 2023

Discussion: Introductions

Hello dear INFORMATION DESIGN students!

I would like to also take a moment to welcome you and introduce myself. I am a communication designer with a focus on information design and illustration. I am principal designer of >>ARTORIUM, a graphic design studio committed to communicating the essentials of complex information quickly, clearly, and appealingly. My recent work has primarily been as a contract artist for scientists at several research organizations.

I can’t wait to meet you all this semester and I look forward to learning about you here on this first blog post.


Prof. Hitchings

Add a comment to this post introducing yourself to the class. Please include your academic interests as it relates to Communication Design.

  1. What is you area of concentration? And why you chose your major?
  2. What has been your favorite class to date?
  3. What has been your favorite assignment? Please bring with you to our next class.
  4. Where do you feel your strengths lie within Communication Design?
  5. What would you like to get better at?
  6. Why are you taking Information Design?
  7. What do you enjoy reading, listening to, watching, and doing in your spare time? Or anything else you want to share!

Please add your introduction by Monday 9/4. It should be between 250-300 words. We do not meet next week, so this will give everyone plenty of time to read.

Before our next class Monday 9/11, read the comments and get to know your classmates! 

For extra credit, reply to one of your classmates’ comments. Do you have something in common? Did you learn something? Be kind.


  1. Cassidy

    Hello, my major is Communication Design and I chose this major because I felt having a creative career would serve me well. Growing up I wasn’t considered “artistic” but I heavily enjoyed the arts. It is only in the past few years that I have taken the time to dive deeper into this practice and better my skills. Since attending City Tech my favorite class has been Intro to Video. I enjoyed this class because I enjoyed how passionate professor Cannetti was about film and I learned a lot about Premiere Pro that I use for my own videos till this day. One part of my creative process that I notice is strengthening, is coming up with concepts for my projects. I am working towards bettering my compositional skills so that it becomes second nature. Sometimes I have trouble creating a composition that is dynamic but not all over the place. I like structure and order and would like to convey that throughout my projects. I chose this class because I believe it is good to know the fundamentals of this type of design. I am leaning towards information design and advertising as a career and having this under my belt will serve as a stepping stone. Currently in my free time, I am reading a book on lucid dreaming because I am fascinated with the subconscious mind.

    My favorite project: ?h=068134b5784f93dc3d1ce2d7f483896b

    • Angy Vasquez

      Hello Cassidy! I have never had Professor Cannetti as my instructor before, but he has been incredibly helpful with one of my projects, despite not being my professor. It means a lot when professors demonstrate enthusiasm for their work and your projects, as it instills confidence and encourages you to pursue your passion. I have seen your projects from previous semesters, and I can attest that your concepts are consistently amazing and captivating. I am confident that you will further hone your skills in this class, and I am excited to see the compositions you come up with. Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance!

    • Bonnie yang

      Hey Cassidy! We also have many classes together, even during the pandemic. From the projects shown to the class, I think you are talented. I especially like what you designed for our packaging design class, the wooden top was especially creative and unique. I can’t view your favorite project unfortunately, there is no link but I would like to see it someday!

    • Stephanie Erazo

      Hi Cassidy!

      I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my Intro to Video class, even though I had no prior experience in Premiere Pro. I learned a lot and now feel much more comfortable with video editing. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed observing what you were able to accomplish in the Packaging Design class. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing more of your work this semester!

    • Saria Tabassum

      Hey there Cassidy~ I also really enjoyed the intro to video class, which was a subject I had no prior knowledge of. I learned a great deal in that course, especially since I had no previous experience with cameras. Although I doubt we were in a same class before, I am looking forward to see your work!

    • M. Genevieve Hitchings

      Hi Cassidy! Thank you for getting the sharing started. I enjoyed reading your introduction. Your favorite project link did not work for me – but I look forward to seeing in class!

  2. Stephanie Erazo

    Greetings, everyone! My name is Stephanie Arleen Erazo, and I am a COMD senior passionate about illustration, design, and branding. I love using Procreate to create my art. I have a vital skill set in drawing and sketching, and I can make various styles and mediums of illustrations. I enjoy blending traditional and digital techniques to produce my work, often inspired by capturing the essence of female portraits, creating fan art, and exploring themes related to fashion and beauty. However, I am eager to expand my skills and create purposeful designs. As a student in the CityTech COMD program, I am determined to gain more opportunities, such as internships, networking with like-minded individuals, and attending design events to advance my future career.

    One of the classes I enjoyed the most was COMD 3313 Basic Principles of Illustration. It was a refreshing change from the stress of my other classes and deadlines. The course felt more like a studio where we could create digital and traditional illustrations without negative criticism. We were allowed to use different supplies and topics to create our pieces. I made an editorial illustration based on an article about cozy games for an assignment. I was excited about this project because it related to my interests. I possess exceptional skills in revealing profound insights, formulating ingenious ideas, and narrating captivating stories through my artistic illustrations. I want to gain more experience in motion graphics and animations.

    I am enrolled in an Information Design course to enhance my idea conception, storytelling, purposeful illustrations, and grid system usage skills. This course will give me the necessary knowledge and tools to communicate my ideas and concepts visually. I am excited to apply these skills in my future endeavors and make a positive impact in my field.

    I enjoy keeping up with the latest social media trends during my free time, particularly the #DrawThisInYourStyle challenges. These challenges involve an individual sharing an image and inviting others to recreate it in their artistic style. Artists commonly host these challenges on platforms like Instagram, allowing them to refine their skills and gain recognition. Additionally, I enjoy traveling and discovering unique and exciting places to dine.


    • Angy Vasquez

      Hello Stephanie! I’ve had the pleasure of admiring your illustrations, and they are absolutely gorgeous. Being proficient in Procreate is fantastic, as it offers a wide range of possibilities and many job opportunities and value expertise with this app. I’m excited to see how you can seamlessly blend your beautiful illustrations with information design; I believe it will result in something both interesting and dynamic. Additionally, I aspire to follow your lead and take on more design challenges, as they are excellent for upskilling and developing muscle memory.

    • Bonnie yang

      Hello Stephanie! I recently talked to you, and I noticed the zodiac Gemini sticker you illustrated on your laptop, but I didn’t realize it’s part of an entire collection of zodiacs you have designed until I looked at your portfolio. It’s honestly so cool to see your style, design, and illustrations. I love it a lot! The “slutty vegan” campaign is such a fun idea, and I like how you incorporated humor into it.

    • Saria Tabassum

      Hiya Stephanie! We had design studio class last semester. I loved you first gen campaign! You have a beautiful art style. I just saw your portfolio and I am in love with your work! especially your DTIYS challenges. I hope to see more of your work!!

    • M. Genevieve Hitchings

      Thank you for sharing Stephanie! I agree with everyone’s comments – your illustrations are gorgeous. And bravo to finding the extra time to practice your craft via SM challenges. I’m also excited to see how you blend your beautiful illustrations with the work we will be doing in class this semester.

  3. Bonnie yang

    Hello, I’m Bonnie. I’ll say my area of concentration is graphic design. I have changed my major three times, and I finally chose this major because I wanted to do something I actually enjoyed and expand on my creativity. It is also something I can visualize doing in the future.  My favorite class to date would be COMD 1162-Raser and Vector Graphics. The projects were fun, and I also learned many important skills relating to Illustrator and Photoshop. My favorite assignment was creating “About Me” banners. You can view it here:https://www.bonnieyangportfolio.com/projects/banners. It was my first time exploring motion graphics by creating gifs on Procreate, but I had lots of fun learning something new. It did take some trial and error to figure things out, but I believe it worked out in the end. I do not know my strengths in Communication Design, but I hope to find that out soon. I want to get better at using Illustrator and Photoshop. There’s still so much I do not know. I’m taking this class because I believe I would learn essential skills; since information is present everywhere, it’s necessary to put together visuals and type, making it easier for the viewer to digest and process it. I like to listen to documentaries such as crimes, unsolved mysteries, or whatever I find interesting in the background while I work.

    • Angy Vasquez

      Hello Bonnie! I can relate to your experience as I also changed my major twice before discovering my passion for communication design. I miss Raster Vector too; those fun mini-assignments really helped me become proficient in Illustrator. I often wish I could take more advanced courses in that class since I tend to forget how to use Illustrator at times. I’m genuinely excited to see your upcoming projects. We were both in the same design team class, and I always looked forward to seeing the visuals you created. They were incredibly neat, clean, and polished, which is absolutely aesthetically pleasing in my eyes.

    • Stephanie Erazo

      Hi Bonnie! 

      It’s great that we have the opportunity to meet twice a week! I can definitely understand the experience of changing careers. I previously worked in the medical industry before pursuing my Associate’s Degree. I know it was risky, but I wanted to pursue my true passion for illustration. I absolutely love your “About Me” animation and animation is something I really want to learn in the future!

    • M. Genevieve Hitchings

      Hi Bonnie, Thanks for sharing. I love your ‘About Me’ banners. I believe enjoying what one does professionally and doing well professionally go hand in hand.

  4. Angy Vasquez

    Hello everyone! I’m delighted to introduce myself as Angy Vasquez, a passionate designer specializing in UX/UI and graphic design. My journey into the realm of communication design has been driven by a deep-rooted love for problem-solving and my talent for creativity. Throughout my academic journey, one of the standout experiences has been my participation in the Design Team course. It was here that I truly embraced the collaborative spirit of design, learning to harness the collective creativity of my peers and take on leadership roles. Working with clients was another aspect of this course that I found incredibly rewarding. Crafting various deliverables, from branding to advertisements, and creating templates to enhance a brand’s identity and story was both challenging and fulfilling. However, if I were to pick a favorite assignment from my design endeavors, it would undoubtedly be the brand identity project I undertook for a non-profit organization’s youth group, which I had the privilege of being a part of when I was 17. This project held a special place in my heart, as it was not just a design task but a heartfelt endeavor to give back to a community that had shaped me into the confident and socially aware person I am today. In terms of strengths, my areas of expertise lie in Layout and Composition, Information Architecture, User-Centered Design, Research, and Visual Storytelling. While I excel in these domains, I’m constantly striving for improvement. areas such as Typography, Presentation Mock-ups, Color Theory, and Copywriting are topics I’m eager to enhance my skills. I’m particularly excited about my ongoing exploration of information design, which promises to elevate my typography skills to new heights, allowing me to infuse dynamism and readability into my design work. Beyond my passion for design, I’m a movie enthusiast with a soft spot for romance, comedy, and horror genres. When I’m not immersed in design projects, you can often find me hanging out with friends or hitting the gym. Design isn’t just a career for me; it’s a hobby that I cherish, and I’m thrilled to be on this creative journey with you all.

    You can view my work at the following link: https://angy-vasquez-portfolio.notion.site/angy-vasquez-portfolio/Hello-I-m-Angy-4db0b956560c41dc977c89432f3e2ea0

    • Bonnie yang

      Hi Angy! I have you in some of my classes, and from the few interactions we had, I can tell you are an intelligent and creative individual. All your design is well-thought-out with thorough descriptions. I love that you included your ideate stage, the colors, and inspirations. I can actually get a glimpse of what you are thinking of. Your work is honestly fantastic. They are dynamic and so much fun! I’m also interested in what you will design next.

    • Stephanie Erazo

      Hi Angy! 

      We were in the same Internship class in the summer, and I also remember seeing you on Discord! Your presentation on CUFFH Youth was super impressive and caught my attention. After checking out your portfolio, I can see that you’re a super creative, passionate, and motivated individual – all essential qualities for a successful graphic designer. I love how you take your viewers on a journey with your creative process. I’m super excited to see what you create for Information Design, and I hope we get a chance to chat!

    • Cynthiagamene

      Hello Angy, nice to hear about your journey! I saw your work and it’s very impressive and nice. Keep on doing the good work.

    • M. Genevieve Hitchings

      Nice to meet you Angy and thank you for sharing! I love your enthusiasm for design and can’t wait to see what all you create in this class.

  5. Saria Tabassum

    Hello everyone, I chose graphic design as my major because I have a passion for art, design, and anything creative. I am more into branding and publication design. I want to do something that I enjoy rather than doing something I would not like for long term. The design team is one of my favorite class. It was a very fun class where we worked for a real client, which was a first for me. It provided me with insight into what it will be like once I find a job in this field. My favorite assignments was the type specimen book I prepared for my advanced typography class. This project gave me a lot of freedom; rather than following instructions, I utilized my own imagination to make it. file:///Users/sariat/Downloads/Saria_Tabassum_typespecim%20book.pdf My strength, I suppose, is in typography and illustration. I’d want to improve my skills in Photoshop and packaging design. I am enrolled in the information design course with the goal of enhancing my skills and engaging in fun projects. My aspiration is to acquire fresh and intriguing knowledge through this experience. I hate reading books, but I like reading mangas. In my spare time, I crochet, draw, or go out to explore new foods. I recently purchased a sewing machine and am in the process of learning how to sew.

    • M. Genevieve Hitchings

      Hi Saria, Thank you for your introduction. I could not open your Type Specimen Book but would love to see. Was this a class you took with Prof. Giuliani? Please bring to class.

    • Cassidy

      Hey Saria, I too enjoyed The Design Team. Creating something for an actual client rather than an assignment, kind of puts all the things you’ve learned from classes into perspective.

  6. Cynthiagamene

    Hello everyone,

    I’m excited to introduce myself to the class! My name is Alimata Cynthia Gamene, and I’m a part of the Cuny BA program with a concentration in digital experience and technology. I chose this concentration because I’ve always been fascinated by the intersection of emerging media technology and communications design. It’s incredible how technology continually shapes the way we interact and communicate with one another, and I’m ready to explore and contribute to this evolving field.

    So far, my favorite class has been Fabrication Design in the emerging media technology department. The hands-on experience and the opportunity to bring my creative ideas to life have been incredibly rewarding. I’ve learned valuable skills in this class.

    One of my most memorable assignments was creating a game that was significant to my culture. It was not only a chance to express my creativity but also a meaningful way to connect with my heritage and share it with others.

    In terms of strengths within Communication Design, I believe I excel in conceptual thinking and problem-solving. I enjoy finding innovative solutions to design challenges and creating engaging user experiences. However, I’d like to improve my technical skills, particularly in software and coding.

    I decided to take Information Design because I believe it’s a fundamental skill for a Communication Design professional. I want to gain expertise in this area to be better equipped to communicate effectively and make information more accessible to a broader audience.

    Outside of school, I enjoy reading about the latest developments in technology and design. I also love listening to podcasts and watching documentaries that explore the intersection of art, technology, and culture. In my spare time, you’ll often find me experimenting with new digital design tools, playing video games, watching movies or listening to music.

    • M. Genevieve Hitchings

      Welcome Alimata Cynthia. As a CUNY BA student do you have a host campus? The Fabrication Design class sounds like such an interesting class. Would love to hear more about the project you produced. Looking forward to working with you in this class!

  7. Melissa

    My area of concentration is Graphic Design, and I chose Communication Design because I have always found visual storytelling and the power of design in conveying messages effectively to be fascinating. Communication Design is the ideal choice for me because it enables the blending of creativity and communication strategies to transform intricate concepts into visually captivating and easily comprehensible formats. It harmoniously combines aesthetics and purpose, aligning perfectly with my interests and aspirations. Among the classes I’ve taken so far, my favorite has been Packaging Design. I greatly appreciated learning how to design packaging that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also serves its intended purpose, to protect and promote a product. Packaging design offers a unique opportunity to explore the psychology of consumer behavior. Understanding how color, typography, and imagery can influence a consumer’s purchasing decision is both fascinating and practical knowledge. I believe my strengths in Communication Design lie in my ability to choose color palettes and typography, and my attention to detail. However, I aim to improve my skills in drawing/illustration and storytelling to create more engagement and connect with the audience on a deeper level. I am taking Information Design because I believe it will complement and enhance my professional skills. It will improve my ability to organize and present complex information in a visually appealing manner, which is essential in today’s data-driven world. In my spare time, I’m currently watching the last season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is my favorite show at the moment since it uses fashion to accurately depict the period but also as a storytelling tool, and a way to explore the evolving roles of women and societal norms. This activity not only relaxes me but also fuels my creativity.

    My favorite assignment 


    • M. Genevieve Hitchings

      Hi Melissa, You have some beautiful pieces in your portfolio. I love your description of Design as “harmoniously combines aesthetics and purpose.” So true of good design. Thank you for your introduction. I can’t wait to see what you produce in this class!

    • Mercedes Alvarez

      I like the assignment you did for your packaging design class. You created effective solutions and kept the brand consistent throughout. I’m more tempted to take the class next semester!

  8. Gabrielle Navarro

    Gabrielle Navarro

    COMD 3601

    Fall 2023

    Information Design

    Hello all! 

    And greetings!

    My name is Gabrielle Navarro. I am currently a senior, meaning this is my last semester! I am both extremely nervous and excited to learn about information Design especially due to my love/hate relationship with research. I understand that this course will help to communicate/explain how to best describe something visually, that’s my favorite part, finding a solution to not so simple topics, which can also be quite challenging. As a child, drawing how I felt was my best means of communicating and then came music and photography. One of my current favorite classes to study was, Intro To Video, where we were able to create videos that would best showcase PSA’s (public service announcements) that will visually catch the eye of its viewers. I found it to be very fun, because I was able to capture clips and put them together to create my own short film or commercial/video that could express something that I’m passionate about. One of the projects was a Coca Cola commercial based on the clients preferences, with freedom to use our own version, and creating storyboards first. Of course all the drawing classes are also my favorites, because drawing is something that is emotional and passionate for me. I like to spend a lot of time painting using oil paint and taking reference photos of images I have in my mind. Sometimes I use myself as a muse. And I also like to spend lots of time in nature, and with my family (grandmother mostly </p>
					<div class= Reply

  • M. Genevieve Hitchings

    Hi Gabrielle! Very exciting that you are in your last semester. Research can be time consuming but generally leads to new possibilities. I think it’s the key in pushing past one’s limitations or inhibitions especially in moments of ‘writers block.’ Looking forward to seeing your drawings!

  • John Gregorios

    Apologies that I am posting this up late. It passed my brain that we needed to hand this in before the 4th.

    Going in to my introduction, my name is John but my friends just call me Jay. If I were to be honest I do not have a concentration because I am interested in multiple areas of the creative industry. But if I were to give one, I would say advertising. I chose my major because I want to be a versatile creative.

    My favorite class so far would probably be “Intro to video” because of multiples reasons. One, because Professor Michael Cannetti is by far one of the best Professors I have taken and two because it was the first class where I was tasked to create freely whatever I wanted to.

    My favorite assignment would probably be our final for said class, which was to make a short of our own. To give back story, I always held back on making a short because I always thought my work was not good enough, but for this one I had to make it in order for me not to fail. So I was very thankful that I went on to make this short because it one of my fave projects to date.

    My strength is in my storytelling. If i were to pin point on which part I want to get better at, it would probably be starting whatever project I needed to work on and just do not over think stuff.

    In my spare time me and my fiance love to play board games and go to museums. Moreover, I love to do photography especially on film and collecting watches.

    Favorite projects:

  • John Gregorios

    Forgot to include it in my post! But here’s a link to my personal photography website: https://www.johngregorios.com

  • SongShi Liang

    My area of concentration is illustration. I chose my major communication design. The reason is at the beginning, I want to chose Art for major. But the art material is so expensive. I like drawing, and painting. I think chose to use software, learn use photoshop to drawing and paint can save more material fee. I don’t have special favorite class. Which class can teach student learn basic skill, basic knowledge about how to use any Adobe program. Those classes are my favorite classes. My favorite assignment is COMD 2300, one assignment is student free create a poster for a organization– Extinction Rebellion. This organization focus on protect goal environment, like air pollution, water pollution. I create a illustration poster for this assignment. My strengths lie within Communication Design, I only good at traditional drawing and painting. I like to get better at how to create a good headline for advertising. English is my second language. When I come up the headline, I always come up in Chinese sentence, and then translate in English sentence. Sometime, I think it work as Chinese sentence. When I translate into English sentence and show to other classmate. Almost most classmate don’t understand what the meaning for the headline. I taking Information Design, because only this class as Upper Level Strategy class  open at afternoon 2:30pm. Most of class are evening class. It doesn’t have a lot of chose to take the class especially for the class open hour. I would like to take the morning time schedule class.  in my spare time, I am looking for part time job, and hope boss can give me a chance let me try the work once. 

  • Noe Carrillo

    Hello, my name is Noe Carrillo sorry for the late response the, past couple of weeks have been a bit hectic. I am a senior majoring in communication design and focusing on advertisement/ graphic design. I chose this major because since I was little I’ve loved to create and make things that just come to my mind. I think that communication design was a really good choice and definitely fits into my passion for creating. My favorite class to date would definitely be Design Team, It helped me create around people, and it helped me take other people’s points of view that maybe I would have never seen. It was also really fun doing designs with my team because we really bounced off each other very well. One of my favorite assignments was creating a social media campaign for a design studio about gentrification. To be honest I think that I am a bit behind everyone because I also focused on my general education career. But I do feel like I can catch up really quickly. Right now I am taking an illustration class because I want to grow my skill in that. I am taking this class because it seems very interesting and I have never really heard about information design. But after the first class, it looks very very interesting and something I would love to learn more about, I believe that I chose a good class to take this semester. I love gaming and just playing sports when I can, Reading isn’t really a thing I do a lot but I do love books like The Maze Runner. I also love watching shows like The Walking Dead, and The Boys, Anime is also something I’m still exploring and trying to get into.

  • Mercedes Alvarez

    Hello everyone, my name is Mercedes. I am majoring in communication design. I originally chose this major because I had an interest in design such as logos, posters, and typography. However, I was not very sure what direction I wanted to go toward or what my end goal was. After many classes and learning more about the field and its many possibilities, I became very interested in brand identity and design. That is something I plan on getting more familiar with and eventually pursuing as a career. I believe my favorite class to date was the design team. The projects in that class taught me a lot about cohesiveness throughout branding and skills in photoshop that I wasn’t familiar with before. My favorite assignment came from that class which was creating a logo for a surf shop in Rockaway. I think my strengths lie in my attention to detail. I would like to get better at illustrator and photoshop. In illustrator, I would like to learn more about manipulating texts and using that to create logos and unique brand designs. I am taking information design because I believe it will be useful to understand how to efficiently present information. There’s more to a presentation than just looking nice and that’s what I hope to learn in this class. In my spare time, I enjoy reading self-help books like Atomic Habits, or biographies such as The Legacy of Luna which is one I’m reading currently.

    • Erick Fiallos

      Hi Mercedes, nice to meet you. I felt the same way when I started graphic design, I didn’t know what to specialize in or where this career would take me. But I’m glad you found one that you fully identify with. I look forward to seeing what projects you present in this class, and I would love to see that surfer logo.

  • Chris Jean-Baptiste

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. Some of you may have seen me around campus, but for others, you may know me as CJ. My major is essentially Commuincation Design, and I graduate sometime next year. My goal is to be a jack-of-all-trades, and as such, I have no REAL concentration when it comes to a focus. With that said, however, I do have interest in three main areas: Photography, Web Design, and Graphic Design when it specifically came to logos.

    My favorite classes were Web Design and Communication Design II, for those two classes allowed me to utilize my three greatest strengths. One of my more favorite assignments came from Advanced Image Editing, where my final project was essentially to create a heavily edited photo from your own original image. It was tedious, but the technical aspects made it all worth it once I understood what I was doing.

    I would like to get better at other aspects when it comes to design… as such, 2D Animation and even filmmaking is now part of my radar. I’m taking Information Design to see what aspects could be applied when it comes to what I’m good at vs. what can be improved there. Even though this is my last year, I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a Graphic Designer.

    And so, sorry for the late reply, I have been very busy this past week between working at my job, applying for internships, and other classes in general. If you see me, say hello! I’d love to learn new things from everyone, and as such, learn more about myself!

  • TehilaK

    i, my name is Tehila. I am taking Information Design because I am interested in taking the class because you can make information interesting, fun, compelling, effective, and make it easier to understand. The way you can present information that can be easier to understand without being stressful and at the sametime make it fun.What’s crucial about information design is that as designers we should learn how to take complex information and simplify it in a way that people can easily grasp the information. It’s difficult to pick a favorite class because they are all interesting in different ways. Every class has a specific tool to use for that specific class that makes the class interesting. What’s interesting about the classes is that you learn different sets of skills that you can apply to your work. It’s difficult to pick a concentration because there are different areas that I can specialize in and I am trying to figure out what interests me the most.

  • Erick Fiallos

    Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m sorry for the late post. My name is Erick, and the area I work in is illustration and graphic design. I chose this career because it always caught my attention to find a way to show what I feel or send a message through art, colors, and images made by myself. Since I was little I have always been drawing, building, or creating small artistic works that make me happy with a message for others. To date, I think my favorite class has been character design and art. I think my best skills lie in illustrating or drawing. That feeling of being able to create your version of a lake that exists or that I like is unbeatable, which is why I leaned towards illustration. I would like to improve my skills in digital illustrations since most of my work is traditional. In my free time, I use them to do some physical activity, be it gym, parkour, volleyball, soccer, snowboarding, surfing, and surfskate or sleep if the day dictates.

    My portfolio

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