Class Info

  • Date: Monday 11/06
  • Meeting Info: Room P114


Introduction to Project 2 & 3 >>Activities/Projects/Project2&3

  1. Visual Diagram
  2. Information Flowchart
  3. Overview of Subject Matter – Inspiration
  4. >>Student Project 2&3 Past Examples

Activities and Lab Time

  • Final edits to Project 1
  • Tag-team – everyone review 1 student’s info-graphic – provide the following feedback:
    1. Is the overall message of the info-graphic clear – why or why not?
    2. Did the designer effectively use facts and data to support their thesis (and title of the piece) – why or why not?
    3. Does the design of the info-graphic effectively showcase the content:
      • clear focal point?
      • clear hierarchy of information?
      • effective use of typography, headers, colors, page structure, etc.?
      • overall attention to detail (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc)
  • >>Lecture/Information Design A Brief History
  • >>Assignment 2 Presentations  final in-class Chart & Graph presentations
  • Lab time to work


  1. FINAL Due Week 9 Monday 11/07/22
    Please make a folder with your name and save your final design as a PDF into the >>Assignment5-InfoGraphic-Final Dropbox folder
  2. Read
    1. Grimwade, John. “The Infographic Family” Ohio University, October 17, 2018. (VisCom at Ohio University)
    2. Christiansen, Jen. “Visualizing Science: Illustration and Beyond” Scientific American, October 25, 2018. (Scientific American)
    3. Read: Grimwade, John. “Pictogram Story” Ohio University, January 8, 2019. (VisCom at Ohio University)
    4. Read: ColumnFiveMedia “How to Write a Compelling Infographic Story in 5 Steps”