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Explore the links listed below for examples, inspiration and guidance. This list includes a wide variety of  information designers, agencies and projects that are relevant to the projects we are exploring this semester.

Topic 1: Information Graphics


  • ColumnFiveMedia “How to Write a Compelling Infographic Story in 5 Steps”
    Design Agency specializing in Info Graphics. Explore their website for examples of client work.
  • 5WGraphics Design Agency that specializes in Info Graphics. Find examples of charts, diagrams and maps
  • 2019 Information is Beautiful Awards


Topic 2: Visualization

Explaining complex concepts visually


Topic 3: Storytelling and Data Journalism

Timelines, maps, and flow charts


  • Adolfo Arranz is an infographic artist. He currently helps run the South China’s Morning Post infographics and illustration department.
  • Wendy MacNaughton Illustrator and Graphic Journalist
  • Giorgia Lupi Information designer, Partner at Pentagram, Data Designer



  • More to come shortly

Information Flow and Timelines

General Resources

  • Information is Beautiful An excellent resource for getting ideas and seeing how others do it.
  • Data Visualization Society An organization and online publication with excellent articles and resources about the field of Data Visualization and Information Design
  • Data Stories A podcast about Data Visualization and Information Design by Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner