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Assignment 2 Presentations

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In Class Presentations: Graphs/Charts

There are a number of well-established models that are important to understand when visualizing information. These models have evolved over time and are meant to help organize and structure quantitative information through graphic representation in ways that make concepts easier to understand.

See the list of different charts and graphs below, also featured on the >>Data Visualization Catalogue project developed by Severino Ribecca.

Please sign up for one and prepare a five-ten minute presentation to share with the class. Presentations should include:

  1. A detailed description of what the chart/graph shows best and what kind of data it represents. You can use the Data Visualization Catalogue to find this information. Please be prepared to explain what type of the information the chart/graph shows well.
  2. Carefully browse through the links listed on the class course site: >>Activities/Lessons/Inspiration and find at least two examples of the chart you are in presenting in a professional layout. Be sure to include the credits for the design work you show and be prepared to explain what the design you are showing is about.   
  3. How you decide to make your presentation is up to you. You can create a PowerPoint presentation, you can walk us through websites, you can collect a series of images in a folder and present the work from the folder. Whichever way you decide to show, your presentation should be organized and demonstrate thorough research on your part. You should be able to talk about the pieces you show.

Sign up for one of the following:

You can save your presentation into this dropbox folder (make sure you create a folder with your name on it): >>Assignment2 Presentations

Please let me know in class which you would like to present and I will add your name to the Chart/Graph:

Due Week 4

  • Bar Chart: Cassidy Crespo                     
  • Pie Chart: Melissa Vargas
  • Line Chart: Stephanie Erazo 
  • Scatter Plot Chart:  Chris Jean-Baptiste
  • Venn Diagram: Bonnie Yang

Due Week 5

  • Choropleth Map:         
  • Bubble Chart:  Cynthia Gameme  
  • Bubble Cloud: Erick Fiallos 
  • Histogram: Mercedes Alvarez
  • Venn Diagram: Bonnie Yang

Due Week 6

  • Radial Column Graph:  Jasmine    
  • Stacked Bar Chart:  Tehila Kahen                 
  • Timeline: Angy Vasquez    

Due Week 7         

  • Area Chart:  SongShi Liang                            
  • Dot Maps: John Gregorios
  • Radial Bar Chart: Zhong Jie

Due Week 8                   

  • Arc Diagram: Saria Tabassum                                           
  • Heatmap: SarahJane Hayward                  
  • Tree Diagram:  Noe Carrillo         
  • Population Pyramid     


  1. Mercedes Alvarez

    I’d like to present the Histogram

  2. Angy Vasquez

    I would love to do Timeline 🙂

  3. SarahJane Hayward

    I would like to present the Heatmap

  4. Cassidy

    I’ll do bar chart

  5. Gabrielle Navarro

    I’d like to choose Tree Diagram, Thank you!

  6. Zhong Jie

    I would like to do the radical bar chart, please.

    • John Gregorios

      Hey professor. I emailed you what I wanted to do my presentation about 2 weeks ago. Not too sure if you read it. But I wanted to do my presentation on Dot Maps.

  7. Chris Jean-Baptiste

    Professor, for my in-class presentation, I would want to work on Scatter Plots. It’s just like me, for real

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