Diagram and FlowChart/ Timeline – Phase 1: Research. Understanding your topic and gathering, organizing and assessing content. Please create a document that includes each of the listed headers below:

Name of Topic


List (at least 5) online (re)sources from:

  • Academic One File has always been an excellent general database for undergraduate research. The depth of full-text offerings has recently been improved.
  • Ebook Central is an expansive collection of ebooks that can be searched either through the catalog or as a standalone database. Here you can get Meirelles, Isabel, the recommended reading listed above.
  • The Wall Street Journal is free to the entire City Tech Community. Activate your free subscription today!
  • The New York Times Sign up for your free academic pass or renew your subscription
  • You can also use other sources but they should be reliable


Compose a paragraph statement of your thesis. The thesis statement should describe your objective – ‘take-away’ – for your audience.

Supporting Sections

Outline at least three components that describe your thesis and give context to it. Think beginning, middle and end. This can include background information, facts about the subject matter, current state of the problem.


Find at least 10 facts that support your thesis (include citation from where you find your fact). These can included numbers, comparisons, words, dates, quotations, definitions, etc.

Words Associations

Begin to develop a long list of words associated with your topic. At least 20 words. Think pictogram and ideogram.


Week 11 Monday 11/20/23

  1. Browse research tips posted here: >>Lesson/Research
  2. Please make a folder with your name and save your research word doc or PDF for Project 2 Phase 1 into the >>Assignment 5: Research Dropbox folder