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During my visit at the Nomo Soho hotel I had the opportunity to meet with many great individuals and learned how hotels works. we were able to visit many rooms from queen suits, king suits to the pent house. The moment we entered the hotel to the last second everyone at the hotel had great attitudes and were always smiling. The hotel itself was very nice inside out. One of my favorite thing about it was the location, although it was in Manhattan a place that Is suppose to be very noisy and crowded it didn’t feel like that. The surrounding was calm and the hotel itself was fantastic, the beauty and beast theme and color made the hotel stand out from other hotels that I have been to. Not only was I able to go around, I was able to ask the staff questions in different fields and network. One of the things I learned is that customers satisfaction is always important meaning, you always want them to come back and tell others so the way you interact and help customers always matter.

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