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The NoMo SoHo hotel was a great place to visit and stay for the night. What I found most significant I learned at the hotel was that it is a 4-star hotel, with a lot of rooms and different types of suites. For example, at the top of the hotel building, their is a penthouse suite with a balcony you see the entire city, in every direction; north, south, west and east and a great view in the bathroom too. If I would take action to network with the people I met, I would tag them in my social media account. During the visit, I like how the hotel was design to make it look beautiful. For instance, the rooms and the hallways was design base on the “Beauty and The Beast,” where the walls painted blue, a huge mirror next to the elevator, and how wall lamps were installed in the hallways to give that movie experience. At the site visit, their was one aspect that made me want to work in the lodging industry, is to communicate with many people from different country, so I can increase my knowledge. After what I experience at the site visit, I feel not prepared because what if the person speak to me from a language I can not understand. This was my first time visiting luxury hotel like the NoMo SoHo and I felt very excited to experience what the hotel has to offer. I looked forward to visit the place again and book a room their, probably the penthouse suite.

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