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I felt excited going to NoMo Hotel and experiencing what it is like inside. It did intrigue me as I learned a lot about how the industry runs. I really liked their fairy tale take on Beauty and the Beast with the royal blue walls and carpet, with dim lit lights in the hallway. The fancy, large mirror at every floor with guest rooms added to the style. Another thing I liked was their outdoor decor, especially the vine arch they have outdoors before entering the hotel. It was nice that they have a seating area outside as well, with street art and sculptures that gave it a modern feel to it. I liked how welcoming and friendly the employees were and how they gave the class snacks because it showcased their nice gesture, and not a lot of hotels would do that. I would like to say that the cookies were very chewy and delicious. The most significant information I learned at NoMo Hotel was that networking and communication is important between all departments. One way to have these connections is to be on LinkedIn, so that future employers will know who you are and what your goals are. Originally I was focused on wanting to work with food and beverages, but after learning about the other departments through the managers we have met, I am slightly interested in the housekeeping department. In order to network with people I have met, I can send them an e-mail if I ever have questions about a certain department within the hospitality industry. To have a career in the luxury hotel market, you need to be informed about what is currently happening in the hotel market and know how to be a leader and know what things you need to do to get the job done.

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