Jennifer Lara (edited e-profile)

Freshman at City Tech, majoring in Hospitality Management. Alumni of C-CAP (2017) where I participated in job training, job shadows, spring/summer internships, hands-on-work, including C-CAP scholarship competition. My academic goal is to learn more in depth about culinary courses and hospitality. As of career goals, hope to one day open a small bakery, and with time, build up my restaurant. I’ve learned how to exceed challenges, as well as time management. When you are working with a large group, you must collaborate with others to become a better, bigger and stronger team.


I am transfer student, so I see the difference and the similarities and differences between colleges. I want to improve on my organization.

I believe my biggest strength is my determination. I am determined to get the job done in the most effective way. Also I go above and beyond of what is expected of me.

36 Hours On The Brooklyn Water Front


The Brooklyn Water Front is an ever-growing

Cultural hotspot that is attracting people from all

Over the globe. Before an old, gray, broken docks are now vivid,

Stunning, ports. The Brooklyn water front caters to all and welcomes

Families with open arms.


5 p.m. – Grab a bike and Go!

You’ve traveled from a far, now let’s stretch those legs.

Our first stop is our bike route. Leisurely ride, care-free and

Take in the beauty as the sun sets over the buildings.

Don’t be fooled by this, New York is just waking up!

Our NYC Citi-bike rentals ( $12 for 24-Day Pass, Check Usage Fees)

Make it easy and fun for the whole family to just grab a bike and go

Bike on over to our next location, The Wheelhouse bar

8 p.m. – The Wheelhouse

Boy you must be parched from all that biking.

No Fear the Wheelhouse is here

The Wheelhouse offers an amazing variety

Of lobster and tuna rolls ($12-20), their drinks are made fresh and

They taste amazing. Once you’ve finished your Thai lobster roll

Rent a golf club at the bar and play some putt-putt.

Head over to the Court Yard, you’re not going to want to miss this.

10 p.m. – Industry City Court Yard

The Industry Court Yard is the ideal location to just relax.

With the beautiful scenery and welcoming

Atmosphere, the floor is made up of gravel that crunched under every

Footstep, the night lights resemble a candle fire burning with a low glow.

Picture Credit: Jubedel Andon



10 a.m. – Red Hook Park

Red Hook Park is just a small sample of what NYC has to

Offer in our diversity. On Sunday

Come over and watch members of our Hispanic community and

other communities

Join to play a friendly game of soccer.

There’s delicious Spanish food trucks all around

Ranging in countries.

Noon- Red Hook Recreation Center

Bring the kids down and have a great time at our free pools,

We have trained lifeguards

On constant watch. We offer free

Classes where we can teach your young ones to swim in no time

Also, ALL NYC public schools hand out free lunch

To any child that through our doors

So, come on in the waters fine!

2 p.m.- Brick Oven Pizza

Come on over and get one of the most

Famous pizza ($14-18 for a pie) you will ever eat.

If you’ve heard anything about NYC it’s probably about this pizza

Their ancient brick oven technique

Has been perfected to make this the most amazing

Slice of cheese pizza. But come quick the line can stretch around the block

4 p.m.- New York City Train Museum

If you’re still able to walk after eating all that pizza

Come on down to the NYC train museum.

The only time you’ll be happy

Going into a NYC train.

We learn about the past and how we have

Progressed with our means of transportation.

6 p.m.- The Piers

The Brooklyn Water front piers is a newly constructed

Recreation center. It is fully equipped with

3 soccer fields with soccer nets and a volleyball

Court with sand. Great time for the whole family an

Overall a great experience

Picture Credit: Jubedel Andon

8 p.m.- Naruto Ramen

After all the exercise wind down with a

Delicious bowl of ramen. This unique ramen shop

Is based off the popular anime Naruto which features a young

Boy on quest to become the best. The food is fresh and made to

Order. The shop also plays anime based films all

Throughout the day.

Picture Credit: Jubedel Andon

10 p.m. – Bay Ridge Pier

Home to the American Veterans Memorial pier

This pier gives you an astounding view of the water and

The Verrazano Bridge, one of the largest man-made bridges

The pier also doubles as a dock for cruise ships.

There is also a walkway connected

Which is great for bicyclers or joggers.

10 a.m. – Blossom Ice Cream

For our last destination we should end on a sweet note.

Head on down to Blossom Ice cream shop

Where you can find the best Thai inspired rolled ice cream.

The ice cream is made right in front of you using the

Toppings of your choice. An amazing end to an amazing trip.

36 Hour on the Brooklyn Water Front

By Ronaldo Cuzco

A place where all are welcome

Photo Credit: Ronaldo Cuzco

No matter where you’re from, there’s a place in Brooklyn where you can call home. Brooklyn is a diverse borough of New York. You can find yourself a little Italy, China town and many more, if you want diversity than your coming to the right spot. Here in Brooklyn, you tend to find a lot of restaurants big or small business with a lot of history because some of these restaurants go back generations and are kept alive and passed down generations, and by doing so the history and culture of Brooklyn will always be kept alive. So, go ahead and explore the what Brooklyn has to offer.


4 p.m.


If your traveling with your family or your alone or even as a couple, you could take the F, Q, N, or D train straight to Coney Island but first stop by the NYAQUARIUM. You could buy tickets online or in person, tickets for children of age 2 or under ($FREE) and for all ages 3 and over tickets are ($11.95). Get the chance to experience 4-D Theater, penguin feedings, sea Otter feedings and a walk around the aquarium park. However, be mindful, you’ll be spending about 2 to 3 hours roaming and seeing all what the aquarium has to offer.

Photo Credit: Ronaldo Cuzco

7 p.m.

  1. Coney Island Museum

The Coney Island Museum is land mark headquarters, it’s actually its 100th birthday this fall, its New York’s oldest home for freaks, and merfolk. Here you’ll be able to taste the culture of Coney Island through innovative exhibitions, performances and you’ll also get to see circus slideshows, art paintings and many more.

Photo credit: Ronaldo Cuzco

9 p.m.

3) Totonno’s Pizza

Now after all that walking grab a yourself a seat at Totonno’s Pizzeria, it’s one of Coney island’s oldest yet still keeping up to its standards type of pizzeria, and it’s been open since 1924 by Anthony Pero. Average cost for two people is roughly around ($60), you’ll probably definitely want to start off with a large pie ($20.50) and with topping in extra ($2.50) and while you’re at it just sit and lean back with a nice cold beer while for the best pizza in Coney land.



11 a.m.

4) Amusement Park

Traveling with family or not, you’re never to old to stop at one of the oldest amusement park in Coney Island, Luna Park. Everyone from all over the world come to even just to the most famous and ancient rides in Coney Island which is The Cyclone. The cyclone is a wooden roller coaster that opened in June 26, 1927, as of this year it just reached it 90th birthday of opening. Try if you dare but you won’t get the experience you get on the cyclone no where else, but if your traveling with family you’ll want to take your kids to the kid sections or even go as a family on the wonder wheel.









Photo Credit: Ronaldo Cuzco








5) Nathans pizzeria

Grab yourself a bite at Coney Island Nathan’s Famous, this establishment is one of the oldest fast food restaurant on the Coney Island board walk. It’s been open since 1916 and once you get to try one of its world famous beef hot dog, chili cheese dog or even it’s chili dog and you’ll be begging for more. What could possibly be better then making your mouth water with the delicious hotdog or sandwich and getting a view on the Coney Island beach and don’t worry about what time of year it is because it’s open all year long.


Photo credit :Ronaldo Cuzco

6 p.m.

6) Nathans Hot Dog Contest

Tick tock tick tock, that time of year will be here sooner then you think, time flies by, next you know it the Nathans hot dog eating contest will be taking place. Nathans conest is held one a year and this years winners were Joey and Miki, and if you’re a hot dog lover then maybe you should start training up and then we might even see your name on the wall of fame. Just 204 more days and you might get the chance to wittness the ineternational hotdog loving eaters.

Photo credit :Ronaldo Cuzco



If you love fishing or want to see them caught go on the board walk and go straight down and you’ll see and get the chance to fish with these locals but make sure you bundle up cause during this time of year it tends to get really cold and especially you’re by the water. However, be prepared to catch a lot of baby sharks, they’re the ones that tend to come out at night but if your lucky you’ll catch a couple of fish and that might be tonight dinner.


8) Calm walks on the board walk

End your night with your family or alone or with your couple with a night stroll on the board walk, just seeing all the lights shining bright, it’s just a wonderful view that you’ll never forget. However come back in the summer and you’ll get to see the eautiful parades and fireworks every Friday, so please do come back because what Coney Island has to provide just isn’t all in one season.                       Photo credit :Ronaldo Cuzco


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36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront

Coney Island may be one of the most famous landmarks in Brooklyn. It is no question that when tourist come to Brooklyn it is a must to visit the world famous Coney Island, Nathan’s and everything Coney Island as to offer. Coney Island is a great amusement for kids and very seldom offered for the adults. Coney Island is known for its beach and a boardwalk lined with shabby food stands, games and rides. Coney Island is a huge melting pot and fact a tad bit ver populated, considering the housing projects nearby and the high tourist rate.


In 1916 a Polish Immigrant had an idea to open a stand selling hot dogs at just $0.05. Today Nathan’s hot dogs is world renowned No longer $0.05 but still an affordable tasty snack. Nathan’s Coney Island is infamous for its Fourth of July hot dog eating contest, which was first held in 1972 and still holds strong annually.

photo cred: Google


Luna Park formerly known as Astroland which opened in 1903, takes up about 3 acres of the Coney Island area and consists of about 30 rides. An absolute favorite for kids looking for all day amusement and fun. Weekdays wristbands sell for $26 and weekend wristbands sell for about $30. Not too bad considering other amusement park prices. But must keep into consideration food and beverage.


Originally Riegelmann boardwalk but better known to Brooklynites as just the Coney Island Boardwalk is located along the southern shore of Coney Island peninsula. During the summer, only Island residents flock to the boardwalk for all day fresh air food and entertainment. Along the boardwalk there are hundreds, thousands of passerby’s enjoying the Atlantic Ocean view and beach bums laying out on the sand and indulging in food, drinks and arcade games. A day at the boardwalk may cost about $30, depending how many activities and food you give into.



MCU park sits along Coney Island and is a minor league baseball stadium home to Brooklyn’s own Cyclones. MCU park hosts a variety of events and entertainment each year. If you’re a huge baseball fanatic, season membership tickets may costs you a pretty penny. Ranging from $400-$550. Prices include perks and benefits.

photo cred: Google


More for the adults, located on Surf avenue the heart of Coney Island you can stop by for a cold beer. Depending on the season brewery has limited time releases that can only be foundation their location. You can also purchase apparel or glassware sporting the Coney Island logo proving to your friends that you visited Brooklyn.

photo cred: Aisha


Looking for great food infused with island flavor? Footprints Cafe is a great way to end the day with live entertainment, a long list of drink options and a lot of energy. It has a sleek surrounding and a nightclub vibe. The entree menu varied in price by the most being $27 is well worth the wait.

photo cred: Aisha


A quick train stop on the Q or F will take you to West 8th street, still along the Coney Island boardwalk is the New York Aquarium. Tickets to enter the aquarium are $11.95 for all ages and free or children 2 and under. Visiting the aquarium is a great activity for families. Plenty of sea animals and shows to participate in.

photo cred: Aisha


Best Western located on Emmons ave, just 2.3 miles away from Coney Island is quite comfortable if looking for a place to rest just for the night. At just $150/night that is a steal. The area is quiet, residential and has a few restaurants in the area incase one gets hungry during their stay.


Aracelia Perez

Professor Goodlad

HMGT 1101





Louis Valentino Jr Park & Pier: 10:00am

If you are ever in need of peace and tranquility. Or just wish to get away from reality for a while, this is the place I recommend. In this park/pier, at Coffey St & Ferris St, Brooklyn, NY, you can pack a lunch for a picnic for yourself or for the family. You will be able to catch the best glimpse of the sunset cascading down, seeing the shadow of the sun in the water.  It’s very quiet and rarely anyone is there, so if you’re into meditation or yoga, this is the place for you.  Just don’t forget the mosquito repellent, or else you will come out with red bite marks.  “Valentino Pier was once the site of an active shipping industry. In the 1600s, the Red Hook district was settled by the Dutch. As the land became more developed and the population grew, the shipping industry began to take form.”



Squibb Park Bridge: 2:30pm

This bridge/trail at Squibb Park Bridge, Brooklyn, NY, is highly recommended for those who love hiking and bicycling.  But best to grab a bike and trail on through.  “It is made with black locust timber, bronze and galvanized steel.  Material and finishes in Squibb Park replicate the existing furnishings to be consistent with the neighborhood’s historic character.”  The path starts at Brooklyn Heights and ends at Red Hook.  So, more chances of you to enjoy the view in a nice fast or slow pace. If you ever remember those small children playground parks that had a shaky bridge and one used to love running back and forth on it just to feel the movement of the bridge. Well, if you want to feel it again, here’s your chance. Bring along friends whom can also share the nostalgic experience of a shaky bridge.







Smorgasburg Williamsburg: 11:00am-3:00pm

Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in America. It attracts at a height of 20,000-30,000 people to 90 Kent Ave (at N 7th St), Brooklyn, NY each weekend, just to eat and shop from 100 small local business vendors. “It was launched on May 21, 2011, as a spinoff of Brooklyn Flea (founded in 2008).” And since then has been become a historical event in Brooklyn.  People from all over NYC and other parts of the US, have come just to see, eat and shop new things every vendors have to offer.  Even to this day, Smorgasburg is still expanding.


Waterfront Promenade Williamsburg: 5:30pm-6:00pm

When watching certain shows or movies that are based on NYC, you see a certain scenic view that is shown.  Waterfront Promenade is shown multiple times.  If you ever find yourself the need to relax and just watch the ferries pass by.  Go to the Waterfront Promenade at North 6th St., Brooklyn, NY.  Just grab a cup of coffee from from a nearby cafe, like Toby’s, and enjoy the scenic view of the Manhattan skyline from the wooden benches that are nearby.  You will get to see the sunset light from behind the buildings, as if the city itself is glowing, and it will look magical.  You will also get to enjoy a long walk across its “50 acres of new parkland along the East River waterfront.”




Emmons Avenue: 11:00am

Like fishing? Like to feel lazy on Sundays? I do, for sure.  Emmons Avenue walkway in Brooklyn, NY, is a great place to spend your Sunday weekend just fishing, and feeling lazy. It’s railing is designed perfectly for fishing rods.  It is mostly popular among the elder generation.  However, younger generations interested in wanting to learn to fish, are always welcome.  While you wait for your fishline to pull from a bite, you can watch the boats go by back and forth. Just don’t forget your fishing bait and fishing rod.  But even if you do forget, you can still enjoy the view of many people fishing or parasailing nearby and can have your very own little picnic, or you can buy some fishing gear at either Bernie’s Bait & Tackle, Capt. Dave Fishing or Marilyn Jean IV Brooklyn NY Party Fishing Boat.


Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory: 4:00pm

It opened in 2001 by Mark Thompson, after the 9/11 attacks, at 1 Water St (at Old Fulton St), Brooklyn, NY.  It sits near the Brooklyn Bridge in a landmark 1920s fireboat house on a ferry landing.  Firefighters use to use the building for firefighting sessions.  Nevertheless, who doesn’t love ice cream? Well, maybe those who are lactose intolerant. Anyways, if you ever want to end your day with a refreshing taste to cleanse your pallet, or just enjoy a nice ice cream cone, or milkshake, this is the place to grab and go, and enjoy the end of your weekend.


36 Hours in Brooklyn Waterfront, NY

36 Hours in The Brooklyn Waterfront,
New York City
By Kailey Colon & Michelle Castro DEC. 12, 2017
Six miles of the greenway along the Brooklyn waterfront are already complete, making it a great place to bike.The Brooklyn waterfront is portions that run along Kent Avenue, Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Columbia Street, and Northern Van Brunt St. By the time it’s done, it will be a 14-mile-long landscaped route. The waterfront is full of grasslands where you can get a peice of mind but then run wild and enjoy life.
Ferdinando’s Focacceria is a century-old restaurant specializing in authentic Sicilian dishes. This is the real old-fashioned deal: faded photos of Palermo and scenes of the owner with family and the famous, statues of St. Francis and the Virgin Mary, and a plastic prosciutto hanging above the kitchen door. Regulars favor arancina—massive rice balls crammed with spiced ground beef and peas, encased in breadcrumbs, deep-fried a golden brown, and served plain or smothered in a crimson tomato sauce and velvety ricotta. A fluffy potato and ricotta focaccia and chickpea croquettes called panelle are hard-to-find Mediterranean comfort treats, but the vastedda, baked flat rolls stuffed with layers of funky calf spleen, ricotta and pecorino, are a real rarity. The triumph of owner Francesco Buffa’s menu is the classic pasta con sarde, spaghetti in a nut brown sauce of sautéed fennel, onions, pine nuts, raisins and sardines, pungent and evocative of seaside winters. The price vary from $12- $23.

Take a stop into The New York Transit Museum located on the corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street.The NY Transit Museum allows visitors to climb aboard the train cars and busses and gives you a hands-on history and education of our past transportation. THe Museum features a wide collection of vintage subways and cars, as well as a working signal tower. These exhibitions show you the history of the city’s rapid and ever growing transit system. The exhibition also showcases bridges and tunnel systems through the MTA.This Court Street Station was built in 1936 and its station has one centered island platform with two tracks running in the opposite directions. This museum also has off-site programs with guided tours of the MTA and more.

CREDIT: Train #9306 Transit Authority. Credit Kailey Colon/HMGT 1101

Blue Ribbon Brasserie founders are Bruce and Eric Bromberg who are brothers that share the same passion. They wanted to make a restaurant based off of the foods they enjoy best. So they opened Blue Ribbon in 1992 in SoHo. The Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn is a lively night spot and family-friendly version of the SoHo original Blue Ribbon. The menu is much the same as the SoHo flagship. Which includes fresh seafood shucked and shelled to order from a long oyster bar $16.50- $21.00, as well as the special Brooklyn take on many Blue Ribbon classics such as matzo ball soup$13.50, hummus, fried chicken with a pint of beer$19.50, and paella is a type of rice with different meats in it that varies from $37 to $75. Our atmosphere is casual, comfortable and relaxed. Blue ribbon features a full bar with select draft and bottle beers, creative cocktails and an extensive wine list.


4) 11:30 A.M. GLASS PLATES
The Glasserie has space for high ceilings, but is warrenlike, with seating areas that feel like separate rooms, arranged around a central bar. Lights were doled out, quilted-glass bulbs and candles in small jars. A door leads to the outdoor space in the city: a terrace overlooking the internal courtyard. Glasserie is the only storefront on a blank stretch of Greenpoint that Manhattanites may find charmingly and simply. The Middle Eastern snack kibbeh, with the meat confined to the outer crust and an airy interior of sweet corn, ricotta and feta. A bowl of hummus masabacha is in fact a gigante bean, with a lemony touch of sumac.The dishes seem effortless like: squid and eggplant interspersed with sweet bursts of cherry tomatoes and underscored by raw garlic, pine nuts and saffron; grilled chicken in a milk of puréed almonds spiked with cinnamon and zhug, a Yemeni hot sauce. Yogurt suffused with preserved lemon transforms brown basmati rice into a fanciful near-risotto.

The Brooklyn Historical Society is located in downtown Brooklyn by the water. The Brooklyn Historical Society was founded in 1863, is a four-story Queen Anne styled building and is also a landmark. This building is over 400 years old and holds a lot of history. The BHS also includes a number of houses and exhibits which include “It Happened in Brooklyn”. “It Happened in Brooklyn” highlights our local historical moments that link us in American History. There is also a photo and research library that has historic maps, newspapers, and archives from the area’s prominent abolitionist movement. With over 9,00 members participating a year there are also over 70,000 students and teachers that take part in the society. Lucky in 2005, BHS received part of a $20 million grant through the Carnegie Corporation.

The Park location is a favorite among residents and visitors. There’s a rooftop dining experience with an amazing view of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The sunset is great from the rooftop. The Brooklyn Park has signature pizzas $10-$16, and they also offer sandwiches $9-$13, breakfast $9, and a full bar which prices vary from $5-$36.

The carousel is unique because it was the only one of its kind and it was on the verge of being separated and all the individual pieces were going to be bought by different people when the couple Jane and David Walentas bought it for $385,000 to keep the carousel as a whole. Jane’s Carousel was made in the 1920s and was auctioned off and bought in the year 1984 when Idora Park in Ohio closed down. The carousel was then moved to Brooklyn Bridge Park for its renovations and touch-ups. The restoration of this carousel took 27 years and it finally opened on Sept 16 2011. Jane walentas ended up creating a non profit entity for the carousel called ‘Friends of Jane’s Carousel” and she even donated 3.45 million to landscaping and improvements to Brooklyn bridge park development corporation. Lastly in October 2012 the carousel was shut down for a while due to minor flooding from hurricane sandy but reopened a few months later.

CREDIT: Jane’s Carousel in the Evening. Credit: Kailey Colon/HMGT 1101

There are many museums to visit while in New York City but the Waterfront Museum should be one of them. The Waterfront Museum is a wood-covered vessel that was saved when David Sharps (museum’s president) transferred it in 1994. The vessel was built in 1914 and is remanence from the bygone era. On the inside of this vessel is where you’ll find signboards from old tugs, a wooden dinghy, and a straw mattress, and tools. The floating space also hosts circus shows, musical performances, and rotating art exhibitions,which might even include a nautical theme once in awhile.

The Brooklyn Barge bar is open from a range of 4 p.m until 1 a.m. throughout the week. The barge is strung with fairy lights and the bar floats in the East River to the coast of Greenpoint. The barge is trying to expand and reach out to the communities and have more interactive events such as having paddleboard and sailing lessons. The owner of the barge even said, “Those boats will not just be there for looking at, you’ll be able to interact with the boats and explore them.” This restaurant and bar on water also wants visitors to enjoy meals and drinks with a scenic view. One thing that is unbeatable is the view of the Manhattan skyline.Their cocktails start at $12 and drafts at $6. They even offer food ranging from sandwiches, tacos to shared appetizers.

CREDIT: The Eggs Benedict with a side of potatoes . Credit Michelle Castro/HMGT 1101


il Fornetto’s beautiful waterfront setting on Sheepshead Bay would increase your visit. Whether your quest in a restaurant is for romance, celebration or business IL Fornetto is the place to go for the wonderful view. You could either eat for lunch, dinner or for a private event.While enjoying the upscale but casual surroundings, you can savor the flavors of authentic Italian cuisine, inspired by the sea. Especially dishes from their menu like the incredible fried calamari to wood-fired brick oven pizza, pasta dishes and fresh fish. There culinary skills and service is all about you, your comfort and your dining pleasure.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is located at 17 Smith Street in Downtown Brooklyn, New York. The Tabernacle was established in 1847 as was the Central Presbyterian Church. The Brooklyn Tabernacle has been through the wost but still remains after the numerous damages and times it had to be rebuilt. Their first building was a frame tabernacle that began on April 3, 1853. The first brooklyn tabernacle was destroyed by fire in 1869 and the second was destroyed in a thunderstorm in 1889. The third tabernacle was able to seat 6,000 people and was destroyed by fire in 1894, but was later rebuilt.The Brooklyn Tabernacle, a 3,500-seat evangelical prayer palace in Downtown Brooklyn, was built in 1918 and is also a destination for evangelicals from all around the United States and beyond, laymen and ministers alike, who come to study prayer. Although presented with mother nature’s roadblocks, The Brooklyn Tabernacle was able to push through and remains as a popular and well-known church across the U.S.

The Tatiana is a high class restaurant. Where you have to dress to impress. The owner herself says that her restaurant is well known for the formal look. But let’s not forget about the food. All lunch specials consist of an appetizer, soup, main course and a side dish all for just $19.95. You also get a drink with it. The banquets are only of Fridays and Sundays and per person is $70 and up. The most a banquet can be per person is $165 for the deluxe.


The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood at 60 Furman Street. Just minutes away from several subway lines, with views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge, the city really is at your fingertips at this luxury hotel. Rates begin at $384 a night and go all the way to $6,884 a night for the highest end suites.

The McCarren Hotel & Pool at 160 N12th Street is blocks away from the Williamsburg waterfront. It features a seasonal pool, rooftop lounge with city views, and dining options. The rates for this chic, upscale hotel with 64 rooms range from $185 to $835 a night.

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36 Hours on the Brooklyn Water Front

36 Hours on Brooklyn Water Front

By Beata Zych              Dec, 12, 2017

Brooklyn, is Manhattan’s neighbor, but notable borough in its own right. If it were its own city, it would be the third- most populous one in the country.

Brooklyn Bridge from the Ferry landing/ Alex Ancheta

Brooklyn is New York City’s most populous borough with 2.5 million residents, and second largest in area. Brooklyn was an independent city until its consolidation with New York City in 1898, and continues to maintain a distinct culture, independent art scene, and unique architectural heritage. Brooklyn Water Front includes many neighborhoods like: Greenpoint, Dumbo, Red Hook, Williamsburg, Park Slope, Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach. They are so many great thing to do on Brooklyn Water Front these days, that everyone will find something for themselves.



To get to Brooklyn from Midtown you can take any train that goes downtown, but to get to the Brooklyn Bridge you need to take the 6 train, is a green line all the way to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall. Getting off on this stop you’ll still be in the city, even thought it says “Brooklyn”. Now you can walk to Brooklyn, I know it sounds far, but this way of entering Brooklyn is really amazing. The Brooklyn Bridge which is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States, can take you straight to Brooklyn Water Front. The bridge opened in May 24, 1883, which makes the bridge 134 years old. Since opening it has become an icon of New York City and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964. The view from the bridge is breathtaking, you can see Brooklyn, Manhattan and Statue of Liberty. You can access the bridge 24 hours a day, and its free, that means that you can spend as much time as you want up there. The view from the Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful at any time of the day, but sunset is particular nice. The walk is about 30-35 minutes long, and is good if you take a jacket specially in the spring and fall because it gets really windy up there.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, from Manhattan to Brooklyn. / Beata Z


After getting off the Brooklyn Bridge you can go straight to 1 Hotel, Brooklyn Bridge. They have an amazing open air rooftop bar with unparalleled views of the downtown Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. They have a pool side lounge where you can grab a drink and a snack. The drinks cost around $17-20, and some small plates like Guacamole can cost $14. In the summer on the weekends they have pool parties, which can give you an amazing opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Those parties are just for adults, that means that if you are travelling with kids you need to get a baby sitter for a few hours. The pool is open till November 1, but they have 2 great bars inside the hotel, which gives you opportunity to still enjoy the view from their windows.

The view from the rooftop bar. Alex Ancheta



After the long walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and relaxing on the rooftop bar, it is time for some dinner at Cecconis. This amazing Italian restaurant is in Dumbo, which is walking distance from the 1 Hotel. Cecconi’s is a modern restaurant, open for lunch, brunch and dinner. They serve hand-made pasta, seafood and dishes from Italy using the finest ingredients. You can get an appetizer like Calamari fritti for $17, and a main course such as a Branzino with spinach, tomato and taggiasca olive for $36. The cocktails can cost you $15 and glass of wine up to $18. You can enjoy the food with beautiful water front views of the Manhattan Skyline.

                                         The view from the restaurant/ Beata Zych



It is Saturday morning and it is time for brunch at Normans, Scandinavian restaurant in heart of Greenpoint. The restaurant has a contemporary concept with a bakery and bar. It is open 7 days a week, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the dishes they are known for is the Apple Cider Doughnuts with Malted Butterscotch and French Toast with Gooseberry Preserves, Crème Fraiche and Spruce Sugar. Its sounds like an explosion in your mouth. They have a good selection of wine an amazing spicy Bloody Mary. It gets really crowded in the weekends, so it is a good idea to call and make a reservation the day before, because the place is really popular and people love it.

Amazing brunch at Normans, communal style tables makes you more open to people / Beata Z


After an amazing brunch at Normans you can take Uber or the Q train all the way to Bedford Ave. It is one hour train ride, or you can take a cab or rent a bike. After getting off the train, you can already see the graffiti and paintings around. You can join the free walk tour which is 2 hours long and see “urban art” around the Williamsburg and feel the hippie neighborhood.

Piece of art from Bedford, amazing street art. / Beata Zych


It is time to go deeper into Brooklyn, the next stop is Botanical Garden. To get there from Bedford you need to take the 2 train to Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum station. To enter the Garden you need to pay $15 for an adults, $12 for students and children are free. Some Saturdays are free, so it is good to check before you go there. The Garden was founded in 1910 and features thousands of types of flora, and laid out over 52 acres. The most popular things to see there are the Japanese Hill, Pond Garden, and Shakespeare Garden. The garden is really big and can take you almost half of the day to see everything. The Garden is really popular and has over 900,000 visitors each year.

After all day of exploring Brooklyn is time for some good dinner at the Gargiulos Restaurant. Tuxedo- clad waiters serve old- school Italian fare at this circa- 1907 banquet hall- style eatery. The restaurant is 100 years old but still serves amazing food, with an amazing atmosphere. You can get there Shrimp Cocktail for $14 dollars, an Entrée like Veal Chop for $28. The prices are really good, service is amazing and cocktail list is fair. To get there you need to take the 4 train and then the Q, the train ride is about 45minutes long.

Christmas time at the Gargiulos. / Beata Zych



Who doesn’t love beach? Next stop Coney Island. Coney Island is a residential Brooklyn neighborhood that morphs into a relaxation and entertainment destination each summer. Early in the morning, there is not a lot of people you can walk on the beach and relax. Walking towards the beach you can get to the New York Aquarium (entrance, $11.95), which has been reopened after flooding during Hurricane Sandy.

New York Aquarium/ Beata Zych



Coney Island is a New York City neighborhood that features an amusement area that includes 50 or more separate rides and attractions. The park is open seasonal, operating roughly between Easter and Halloween. Rides and attraction are generally open on weekends from Easter until October. One of the oldest attraction in the park is Cyclone, a historic wooden roller coaster that opened on June 26, 1927. The coaster goes to panoramic heights, so you can enjoy the amazing view, while riding it.

Cyclone, Coney Island / Beata Zych


After those crazy rides on roller coaster is time for MCU Park, a minor league baseball stadium in the Coney Island. The home team is the New York Mets. It is great experience to see minor league team plays, and don’t pay much. After the game you can visit Coney Island Brewery. Stop by for a pint, a flight, merch or a couple growlers to-go, and be sure to catch one of their free tours. With 8 house-brewed beers on tap that rotate regularly, there’s always something new to try. Depending on the season, you might catch some of theirs limited release, specialty styles.

                  MCU Park/ Beata Zych



Nathan’s hot dogs began as a nickel hot dog stand in Coney Island in 1916, and till this day are the most famous hot dogs. Coney island is their first location, and visiting the Island you have to try them. They have a hot dog eating contest since the early 1970s, and every 4th of July people compete to see who can eat the most hot dogs in 10 minutes! It is really fun to watch, and even funnier if you decide to compete. After dogs fun you can enjoy the evening on the boardwalk.

Nathan’s Hot Dogs/ Beata Zych


The Hot Dog Eating Contest/ Beata Zych




Most people choose Airbnb, which is really great. You can find nice, good price apartment in the neighborhood. If you want to stay in the hotel you can check Wythe Hotel( 80 Wythe Ave. at N. 11th Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11249), which opened in 2012 on the Williamsburg waterfront and the prices there range from $350 per night.

The Wythe Hotel / Beata Zych

Other option is William Vale Hotel ( 111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11249), upscale hotel with free Wi-Fi, with hip rooftop bar. The prices start at $500 per night.



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36 Hours on the Brooklyn Water Front

Brooklyn, now home to more than 2 million people, has become one of the most significant places in New York City. A borough that was once not greatly recognized, has evolved immensely in the last few decades. Brooklyn’s uniqueness has been led up to because of its gentrification. Streets filled with artwork has captured the eyes of many people all over the world. The different kinds of people and culture here has influenced the rest of America’s culture through art, music, and film.


  1. 5:00 P.M STREETS

Williamsburg, a neighborhood located on the waterfront of Brooklyn that borders Greenpoint, Bushwick, and Bedford-Stuyvesant has a vibe people will only learn after visiting it. Unlike any other neighborhood in New York City, Williamsburg is known as being hip from its trendy restaurants, bars, boutiques, and art galleries. Walk the streets and take in the scenery. Learn the lifestyle and the culture people here take on.


2) 5:30 P.M DINNER

Right by the L train at the stop Bedford-Avenue is Sweet Chick, a restaurant that serves American cuisine. First opened in 2013, Sweet Chick has become popular for its famous dish chicken and waffles. While there are many different options to choose from, you can get their famous fried chicken and waffles for dinner (17 U.S dollars) with a delicious side of mac and cheese (9 U.S dollars). Sweet Chick allows people to learn the culture Williamsburg exhibits through its American food options.


About a 10 minute walk from Sweet Chick is Martha’s Country Bakery located on Bedford Avenue in between Metropolitan Avenue and 1st street. At Martha’s, you will find that there are many different options of American baked goods. Yet another restaurant that represents American food. A very chill and warm atmosphere will hit the spot for a nice dessert with some friends after dinner. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, brownies, gelatos and more are some of the sweets to choose from. A red velvet cheesecake slice with a frappe to drink is a great choice to get that goes for about 10 dollars.


The Williamsburg Bridge opened in the early 20th century connects the Williamsburg neighborhood and the Lower East Side in the borough of Manhattan. A 5 minute walk from Martha’s, get on the bridge and walk on it for some time. Graffiti is spread out through most of the bridge. Motivational quotes and art work will make the activity enjoyable. A view of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the East River will make it all worth it.



Get some sun at the Coney Island beach by taking the N or Q train to the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue Station. Luckily city beaches are free and there are no fees to be on them. Bring a volleyball to play some beach volleyball with friends. Swim in the water and then soak up the sun when laying out to get dried. You are more than welcome to bring any snacks and beverages in the meantime before it’s lunch time.

6) 12:00 P.M

After a few hours in the sun, cooling it down at Paul’s Daughter, a bar food restaurant will satisfy you with some tasty lunch. Right on the boardwalk, behind Coney Island’s beach you can sit down and have a cold soda with sausage sandwiches or pizza or even fried chicken fingers. Sit back, relax and watch people bike and walk the boardwalk.  

7) 2:00 P.M LUNA PARK

Many tourists from all around the world come to New York to visit its famous amusement park Luna Park. Fun rides and activities for everyone to come enjoy. Just right next to Paul’s Daughter, enter the park to enjoy some rides. Opened in 2010, this has become Brooklyn’s amusement destination. If your lunch has settled, make sure to ride on the Wonder Wheel (8 U.S dollars) for a view of the whole park, beach, and boardwalk. If you are up for more rides, the Cyclone (10 U.S dollars) and Electro Spin (7 U.S dollars) are more thrilling. Tickets are available at the booths for anyone to ride.


8) 12:00 P.M LUNCH

Grimaldi’s brick oven pizzeria under the Brooklyn Bridge has authentic pizza that only uses coal-fired ovens. Since the early 90’s, Grimaldi’s has successfully satisfied New Yorkers and tourists with its exquisite cuisine. Millions of Italians beginning in the early 20th century came to New York and spread its culture. In all boroughs Italians have dominated lifestyle. Millions enjoy the fine food served from Italian restaurants and at Grimaldi’s Pizza get a pie for $16.


The Brooklyn Heights Promenade, right above the Brooklyn Bridge Park, also a 15 minute walk away, overlooks Manhattan and the East River. Opened in 1950 to lower the noise of the B.Q.E, people have visited to relax and enjoy the view. It has become a destination for boyfriends to propose to their girlfriends, couples to go on their first dates, and other activities such as jogging, skating, and much more.  

9) 4:00 P.M PIER 5

Pier 5 a park on the waterfront of Brooklyn is perfect for riding a bike, having a picnic, or play soccer. This pier is dedicated to having active recreational activities for people. On a summer day it is a beautiful view to spend time with family and friends.


Sweet Chick

Martha’s Country Bakery

Williamsburg Bridge History

Luna Park NYC Paul’s Daughter

Luna Park NYC

Pier 5

Brooklyn Heights Promenade, A promenade in Brooklyn’s oldest neighborhood offering breathtaking vistas on the East River