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Jennifer Lara (edited e-profile)

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Freshman at City Tech, majoring in Hospitality Management. Alumni of C-CAP (2017) where I participated in job training, job shadows, spring/summer internships, hands-on-work, including C-CAP scholarship competition. My academic goal is to learn more in depth about culinary courses and hospitality. As of career goals, hope to one day open a small bakery, and with time, build up my restaurant. I’ve learned how to exceed challenges, as well as time management. When you are working with a large group, you must collaborate with others to become a better, bigger and stronger team.


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I am transfer student, so I see the difference and the similarities and differences between colleges. I want to improve on my organization.

I believe my biggest strength is my determination. I am determined to get the job done in the most effective way. Also I go above and beyond of what is expected of me.

Spring 2018 Registration Workshops

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Good Evening Everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend. I wanted to provide important information regarding registration for classes for the next semester, spring 2017. FYLC is hosting a series of workshops of which there are two coming up on November 14th and November 16th. I have attached a picture of the flyer for more details.


Did you know you can register for a learning community that will help you fulfill your elective requirements??!! If you register for Culinary Arts I (HMGT1203) or Baking and Pastry Arts I (HMGT1204) and History of Photography (ARTH1100) you can earn 6 credits and fulfill an elective requirements such as Writing Intensive, Liberal Arts Elective, Creative Expression or Flexible Common Core. That’s a great way to get ahead and check at least 1 more class off of your list of requirements. If you have any questions contact Prof. Thalia Warner (Culinary and Baking) at


If you have any questions, Do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


Peer Mentor.

Our Stories, Continued, before November 7

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We invite you to tell a story about your continued studies at City Tech. Research has shown that first-semester students often worry about their transition in to college and how eventually students become comfortable and find a community of people with whom they are close and feel they belong.

Please describe in a short story how you have experienced your semester so far at City Tech. Aim to write 300-500 words and be sure to illustrate your post with examples from your own experiences in classes, seminars, lectures, study groups, and labs. What happened? How did you and others involved think and feel? How did it turn out?

We hope this process will help you think about your transition experience. This link will take to the place to create your post: Our Stories. Once you have finished writing your post, choose the category “Goodlad/Stewart” and then please take time to read and comment on at least two of your peer’s stories.

Radio City Music Hall

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Radio City Music hall is a New York landmark. People travel all around the globe to witness the prestige and elegance that is associated with this magnificent place. Especially around the winter time, the iconic Rockettes put on a breath-taking show that I would love to witness in person. Since it’s opening year in 1932 Radio City Music Hall has become a precious jewel here in NYC.

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Empire State Building

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The Empire state building is one of the tallest buildings in NYC, its located on Fifth Avenue between 33rd and 34th streets, and with a height of 1,250 feet. Just like any other attraction site there is always something unique and whats unique about going up to the 86th floor of the empire state building is the view that will definitely please your eyes as long as your not afraid of heights, and did i forget to mention, please bring your camera because you wont want to forget the view that the ESP provides, which is a beautiful scenery of central park, the Hudson River and The statue of liberty.


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