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Jennifer Lara (edited e-profile)

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Freshman at City Tech, majoring in Hospitality Management. Alumni of C-CAP (2017) where I participated in job training, job shadows, spring/summer internships, hands-on-work, including C-CAP scholarship competition. My academic goal is to learn more in depth about culinary courses and hospitality. As of career goals, hope to one day open a small bakery, and with time, build up my restaurant. I’ve learned how to exceed challenges, as well as time management. When you are working with a large group, you must collaborate with others to become a better, bigger and stronger team.

The Museum of Natural History

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The Museum of Natural history provides tourists and others the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as workshops, scientific research, and even sign up for some lessons about history or biology. This museum allows the people to learn in depth about the History of the past years. They also give people access to exhibitions were they can see how things have changed or evolution throughout the years. This museum targeted demographic are American people or people who come across the country to learn more about history or science. People from several ages are found in this area, for example, kids, teenagers, adults and you will even find seniors in this area.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park Reflection

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During the visit to the Brooklyn Bridge park, I was not expecting to listen to all the history of that area. For example, slavery could’ve possibly occur there, bringing on goods to the city. What impressed me the most was that the A train passes right underneath the waterfall of Brooklyn. After walking around the waterfall, we went to the “Brooklyn Roast Company” where we learned more about coffee and how the owner build his way up to where he is now. He mentioned how if he didn’t tale the opportunity offered to him, he wouldn’t be in the place he is in today. It was a really chilly day but we made it through.

Reflection on Park Lane Hotel

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During the Park Lane Hotel visit, I learned several things about the hospitality industry as well as Lodging. When the manager first arrived to give us the tour he gave us background information about himself and how he started his career in the hotel. As a professional it is always right to give a nice bright smile to the visitors, in this case it was us, the Perspective in Hospitality Management class. He greeted us and made us feel welcomed into the environment. What I enjoyed the most was when the class was in the ballroom and we got introduced to the Director of House Keeper, General Manager, as well as the Assistant Director of Front Office, there is where we learned about how they grew into the industry of Hospitality.

From the director of house keeping, she build her experience from front desk in Texas, later on moved to New York for a internship. It wasn’t easy at first for her, her job required a lot of training, required a lot of progressive discipline, she also had to make sure that turn down service is progressively going on. Since the Park Lane Hotel requires a lot of employees to meet the guest needs, she mentioned a way that she gives recognition to employees. She gives them recognition by doing “Employee of the Month”, for her that is a way to say thank you for the hard work to the employee. After the director of house keeping we had the General Manager of the Park Lane Hotel. He often compared his job with being the director of an orchestra, he doesn’t want his music to be out of rhythm or not on pitch, he wants it to be nice and fluent. He loves “Managing the souls of travelers” which mean connecting them to places, activities, restaurants, possibly even hotels that work within the same company. Although he is the general manager he does face challenger, he is in charge of opening emails, reports from customers, walk the hotel to see the staff, most importantly has to make sure that everything is in place, and something else he mentioned was “meetings, meetings, meetings.” Then the class got to know the Assistant Director of Front Office, where we learned that it can be a tough job for some people. This job requires a lot of patience and always have a positive attitude. Attitude is what shows the most to the guests. Even with tough customers you must know how to deal with them. The assistant director of front office mentioned “ Chose one guest for each day, make the guests day” this means focus on one customer and you’ll realize that you’ll cover the customers needs, and thats what the customer wants at the end of the day. What stood out to me the most was that the Assistant director of front office didn’t have an educational background, and now he is in a good level of experience.

Jennifer Lara E-Profile (edited)

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Currently a freshman at City Tech. My academic goals is to learn more about hospitality and going into depth information about culinary courses, in other words taking it a bigger step. Participated in the C-CAP program, where they offer high school students the opportunity to do hands-on work, such as job training, job shadows, spring/summer internships, including the opportunity to get a scholarship. Throughout C-CAP, I earned the opportunity to participate in two internships, one savory, one pastry, and achieve a scholarship. As of career goals, I hope to one day open a small bakery, and with time, build up my restaurant. With my previous jobs, I have gained personal strengths such as, knowing how to exceed a challenge, as well as time management. A personal interest of mine is being a soccer team member, being in a sport can relate to my professional attributes by collaborating with others within the team. When you are working with a large group, you must collaborate with others to become a better, bigger and stronger team.